You should be able to think and talk about ideas beyond the scope of school work and above the level of your peers. References from teachers do not count for much either, Parks added. You need to read widely and in-depth. Most students will complete their UCAS application at the start of year 13, at which point GCSE grades are likely to be the only external examination results they have to submit as evidence of their academic ability. Teachers have stopped writing anything interesting or controversial now that students can demand to see what they have written.

For many years, the topic of genetic modification has been one that can swing from that of great hope for the future of human technological progress to one of the subjects of the most absurd science fiction horror movie tropes. It can be a great opportunity to talk specifically about why you want to study the course you have applied for at Cambridge. Subjects change a lot at different levels: Newsletter Signup Sign up for our email newsletters. How will this make me a better student in the future? And Smith said a teacher at an independent school had told him:

If their school offers this, they should also take four AS levels in year 12 followed by three A levels in year 13, rather than taking three from the start. And Smith said a teacher at an independent school had told him: The recent UK educational reform has changed the nature of AS levels. Knowing the school syllabus is not enough. Oxbridge and Medical School applicants need to submit their applications earlier than other students, on 15 th October.

additional personal statement for cambridge saq

GCSE is very different to A level and as you progress to university, what you learn and how you learn it will differ enormously again. The extra level of personall that an Oxbridge application requires, combined with the October deadline, means that pupils should try to start planning their Personal Statement in Year The most notable part is that you can submit a character additional personal statement, allowing you to aaq on your UCAS personal statement with Cambridge-specific details.


Please oersonal that as current Peterhouse students, we are not really qualified to give you advice about applying and cannot guarantee this page will be up to date. There was a furore in when a Cambridge University admissions tutor wrote in the Emmanuel College magazine that he uses Facebook to get additional information about applicants.

Applicants to Oxford will not have to complete an SAQ, so they may wish to include the elements of the course that appeal to them in their main Personal Statement.

Last minute advice on the SAQ – don’t forget the deadline on 22nd October!

Maths for a Computer Science degree. The Know How Library is an easily searchable fpr of s of expert guides for both students and teachers, covering every aspect of the progression process. For vocational courses in particular, organise relevant work experience. Oxford University ‘s head of admissions, Mike Nicholson, said the personal statement was “a good way to distinguish the truly gifted, original and inspired”.

additional personal statement for cambridge saq

Cambtidge with the pre-interview tests, there are often past papers online or guidelines about what to expect. And do go overboard with the thesaurus – concentrate on being clear rather than impressive. For more details about the Cambridge tests, visit this page. Try statemennt read reflectively, which means considering what you are reading perhaps in comparison to other literature you have read and formulating your own opinion on it.

To help you get organised, use our handy checklist which is designed for Oxbridge applicants intending to start university immediately after year We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

The SAQ is a unique part of applying to Cambridge. With the vast majority of these applicants holding top grades, it can be very difficult to stand out from the crowd. Do your research before you go and make sas you prepare thoroughly.


For more information, see our advice articles on how to write a personal statement and writing a personal statement: You must additioonal to take these tests by 15 October at the latest earlier for some.

additional personal statement for cambridge saq

Once you have this draft, it is a good idea to seek advice from others about what reads well, what could be cut without detriment to your application, what should be expanded upon and whether anything is missing.

Tips from Cambridge as to what you need to have with you when you fill out the form: Admissions tests These are assessments taken by all applicants to a subject, regardless of College.

There are seven sections to the SAQ and section seven includes an additional personal statement. How have my experiences expanded my enthusiasm for my subject?

However, nobody except other university admissions tutors knows how common using social media to check up on students really is.

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Although this does not seem like long, it is sufficient as long as you get to work straight away and allow enough time to seek advice and cambrridge, just like you did with your personal statement. Admissions tutors may ignore the personal statements of students applying for engineering and science subjects, Tsatement said. The deadline for Cambridge to receive the form is 22nd October Parks said students now receive so much help — from their teachers or from websites that offer to write the statements — that universities cannot tell whether a student has written any of it.