Notification will be made by the school to parents of students who have acquired absences excused and unexcused for the school year totaling all or parts of eleven days, fifteen days and twenty days. If issue relates to personnel, the Board may go into closed session to receive such presentations. In the past the rewards have been roller skating and skiing for first semester and Valley Fair for second semester. As part of the learning process of Amery Middle School the student shall. After School Study Program. Students use only their files when working on the computer. Individual student achievement on test scores obtained on the Wisconsin Knowledge and Concepts Examination:

Middle School Curriculum Handbook These devices will only be turned over to a parent. Students should write their names in all textbooks, workbooks and notebooks. Walkers and bikers will be dismissed from their final class after the second bell. Extended detentions must be served on the date assigned.

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In accordance with Chapter This note should be brought to the office by 8: Transportation must be provided by the student. Arrive to class on time. Holding on to or attempting to hold on to any portion of the exterior of the bus. Grade-level teams of teachers are available during school hours by scheduled appointment. No eating or homewor, on the bus. The purpose of this program is to foster emotional and social development in students.


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Loss of Semester reward. Students are expected to keep lockers clean and in good, usable condition.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

However, the riding privileges will be suspended for ten days. In order to participate in co-curricular events, a student must maintain acceptable grades. Use of hotpine card for hall pass. If a student is too ill to remain at school, arrangements will be made to get the student home. Dances are closely chaperoned by teachers and parents.

ams 6th grade homework hotline

The following rules exist on all bus routes: Students leaving for medical or dental reasons should bring a note from home or an appointment card. The counselor is available to students, parents and teachers.

Due to limited space for cars and busses, they are not allowed to use the road.

Any student frade receives a Level 4 slip will not qualify for the semester reward. Move about the building in an orderly manner. The thirty-minute lunch period includes a ten-fifteen minute recess. Level 3 – Major infractions regarding disrespect toward gradw adult. A written determination of the complaint will be made by the board within 90 days of receipt of the complaint unless the parties agree to an extension of time; appeals under 20 W.


Students are encouraged to use the pay phone located at the west entrance. Any student that receives an incomplete grade in any course during 3rd or 6th term must complete all missing work and have the incomplete grade removed graade their report card to attend the semester reward activity. If the problem cannot be resolved with the principal, the parent’s written complaint should be sent to the District Administrator for review and action.

Middle School Curriculum Handbook Suspended for remainder of day and two additional days. A GPA of hotlone.

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Student will be expected to make restitution. Transition – Grade 5 to Grade 6. Any form of sexual nature is in violation of Board policy. House – A specific area of the school where students are assigned for their academic subjects. Students will return all trays and utensils to the dishwashing area.

Students hootline proper care of computer equipment.