Most tourists don’t do Delhi right. India and China are home to one-third of humanity. Many in India hope that he might head a national opposition coalition in parliamentary elections. Xi meant the memo to be for distribution among party cadres only, but in one of many signs that the closed system is far from airtight, the document was leaked. Once a shining star in India, its capital, Kolkata formerly Calcutta , was the seat of the British Raj before In an era of the Internet, social media, and cell phone cameras, central authorities find themselves responding to a public on the lookout for official malfeasance. States within a State.

States within a State. Whereas now there is a great reluctance to cross party lines, and the result has been a massive case of federal gridlock—not just occasional stalemates. Souvenir Best of Bollywood in art form On your next Rajasthan trip, get hold of these art works celebrating the heroine Also see: Concordia is a registered c 3 nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. He had used a provincial power base to promote a cult of personality. These are the people who have a direct feel both for what makes India work, and for how to rally support for the needed reforms among their constituents.

In short, he wants to preserve the system while eliminating those who abuse it or expose its shortcomings. In short, Chongqing under Bo rolled back advances to date in the rule of law in China. New Players on the World essay on a trip to delhi Stage: Mayors and other local elected leaders are tired of being powerless figureheads.

Still, President Clinton was able to assemble coalitions of senators, from both sides of brookigs aisle, to balance the national budget and to negotiate key trade pacts such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and the launch of the World Trade Organization. Domestic and foreign corporations have flocked to Gujarat because of the business-friendly environment Modi cultivated.

bill antholis brookings essay

Now, as the Clinton administration strives to replace the goals of the Cold War with a “pro-democracy” foreign policy, the desire for a shared peace among democracies is becoming one of the most urgent concerns not only of the United States but of the entire international community.


As a result, both countries are forecast to have larger economies than the U. From Mumbaiwe moved on to Delhiwhich, like Washington, D. Most recently, Antholis served as managing director of the Brookings Institution, a non-profit research organization where he managed five research programs, more than employees, four offices and multiple university partnerships.

The most celebrated leader of a backward state is Nitish Kumar, chief minister of Bihar, who has used his power to see to it that Bihar defies many of the expectations we have about such states.

That is roughly the population of Esswy, packed into an inland territory roughly the size of South Carolina. But no matter how far they are allowed to go in the direction of political openness and reform, the system always protects itself esszy centrifugal forces. Iran’s presidential candidates pose for a group picture after a live debate in Tehran on state television, one week prior to the election.

They interviewed national and local political leaders, met with corporate executives, journalists, academics, diplomats, religious leaders, teachers, farmers, slum dwellers, and—not just inevitably but usefully—waiters and taxi drivers.

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We eat in silence, savoring our food. Yet Modi presides over 60 million Gujaratis.

bill antholis brookings essay

Read more and see pictures on our blog, http: Per Capita GDP purchasing power parity. Wang Yang, like all political leaders, was appointed—and subject to rotation. In both nations, local and regional leaders outside of New Delhi and Beijing play an increasingly important role in policy decisions.


Grasping the democratic peace: Esday forward states tend to have the highest rates of literacy, household electricity, access to health care, and up-to-date roads, bridges, sewers, and ports.

And some of them are interested in testing out ideas coming from state and province-based governments in China and India. Yet these policies were not what blil Bo down.

That document binds 35 states and territories into a unitary but federated polity. Not only are state level leaders seizing the agenda, they are also feeling the push from below.

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More than that, they fear her impact on Indian national politics. Academic and press freedom broolings far more advanced than many westerners understand—though Chinese government for the most part is still far less transparent than in India.

Of course he also experienced his share of frustration over domestic obstacles to diplomacy, for example when he found himself unable to break legislative gridlock on nuclear weapons talks and on trade deals.

His responsibilities included planning and negotiating for the and Group of Brookinhs Summits. And, by most accounts, Bo still has a large, loyal following in Chongqing and beyond.

Antholis, William

The questions we asked fell into three categories: But in the early s, having witnessed a decade of growth elsewhere in India not to mention in Chinathe communists began to court investment. While it is easy—and often appropriate—to see China as a dictatorship, there are people and groups within China working actively toward democracy with Chinese characteristics. But, as a friend pointed out, like the optical illusion of the old woman and the young girl, looked at another way India is also beautiful, rich and boundless.

bill antholis brookings essay