The trick has been to make sure that moderation can be sufficiently robust in the manageability context for teacher workloads. That is not a question; it is a fact. The Minister made reference to procurement issues. This recognizes that the integration process is, in part, a series of negotiations. We discussed Irish-medium and integrated education.

The trends in international mathematics and science study TIMSS and progress in international reading literacy study PIRLS outcomes of last year gave us one set of results of indications. That does not take away from any of the points that you and Trevor made. We have not always agreed, but it has always been a pleasure to deal with you. Issues arise, particularly, on the point that I made earlier, from the problems that come from leftfield that need sorted or are fires that burn out. This recognizes that the integration process is, in part, a series of negotiations.

We have looked at it a few times. The critical thing will be their experience and the additional learning from their participation in the system during a period where it has not been specified as a statutory requirement.

Deploying your own professionals, as opposed to putting in place a test, for example, that requires someone else to determine it, is a real strength. They seem to fall off or give up in the attempt.

Finally, I have some sympathy with Trevor’s point on integrated education.

c2k business plan

A number of adjustments have already been made. Thank you for the kind remarks, Chair. The paln test will be whether it delivered the goods. Equally, we do not want to go out with the suggestion that there is a pot of gold here. I know that Plsn will not get away with it again, but I did enjoy it. We have had mention of sectoral support bodies, and we know roughly who they would be. The Businesx shared that view with the Assembly, and Busihess think that the Assembly debated a motion not that long ago on the same thing.


We look forward to working with the new deputy secretaries. What is the correlation between PEDU, the review and moving this all forward? You are already aware, from the end-year progress report in last year’s plan, that, although significant progress was made across a wide range of priority areas, some areas of work in which we had hoped to make greater progress slipped and have been carried forward into this year’s plan.

Seminar on Canadian migration

We are working with schools locally on how that will work; so, that is the big engine. Creating new pathways to opportunities Kandy students can visit 3WGE Kandy Branch for overseas education Visit Aspirations and expose yourself to the world! Secondly, I am not sure whether we get modern languages spot on here. The Assembly passed a motion including the word “promote” a couple of years ago.

At no point in the education system in any country is there an busineas to match every parent and child with the specific institution they want.

He explained that how the schools involved were making use of the tool in would be key in informing the next steps. Cargo consists of a group of 78 major airlines, freight forwarders, ground handlers, trucking companies and IT providers.

We have to acknowledge that although the Department will endeavour to deliver the plans successfully, they are, as I said, challenging and subject to a range of developments and pressures that may impact on full delivery as anticipated.

The diverse components of strategy fit together to form a robust, integrated framework within which detailed plans can be developed. Although the business plan reflects the good things that we wish to pursue, it is important to recognise the huge amount of time and effort that is expended under the radar trying to resolve issues, helping people and going out to schools to deal with problems.


John, I wish you well in your new post. They communicate through print or other media; listen to inputs filtered through several layers of management; and may be under-informed about customer and employee reactions. That joint working happens. I suspect that it will take some going the extra mile for the full challenge, but that is the objective that the Minister has set, and that is where the rubber will hit the road with a lot of collaborative arrangements.

There will be a statement after the report on the ministerial advisory group.

Official Report (Hansard)

I want to follow on from Chris’s point about cross-border education. Those include summer schools and youth. To go to that will clearly prove challenging for some schools in terms of their future viability, but the underlying point in all of this is that it is not just numbers. One of the things that we were conscious of is that the revised curriculum has been phased in essentially from to Those are the points that schools have been making.

c2k business plan

One of the clear messages that you and other Committee members will have heard is that uncertainty in the potential of different providers responding to tenders is unsettling for schools and that it affects continuity.