UCIL produced pesticides and agricultural product s to cover the huge demand of Indian market. In , two trade unions complained about pollution in the plant[4]. These sliding plates are efficient to prevent any quantity of water from entering the tank when cleaning the MIC transferring pipe by flushing with water. Promotions were halted, seriously affecting employee [6 ]. There is a need for the improvements in safety equipment manual to automatic. Several factors contribute to cause such a huge disaster, such as: A Case on Noble Paper Unions demands.

Bulletins From Webstac – Pdf Download. These reactions will be catalyzed and be faster in case of existence of Iron oxides as happened in the day of disaster. If water comes in contact with MIC a run-away reaction starts which increases the reaction temperature, as a result the reaction rate increases more and more. By Kamarul Nizam Mahmood. There are two theories explaining how water entered the tank

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

For several sgudy after the disaster, no information was given about the composition of that deadly cloud. Complete details on reading body language – pdf download 2 Replies 4 Files.

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt

Stricter enforcement and personnel training must be followed. On December 5, total died people were more than 2, and the UC plant had been locked. The affected area was about 40 sq km.

This will result in the boiling of unreacted MIC. The Perfect body language at an bhopao.


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Flare tower was out of service for five months before the disaster because a length of piping was corroded and was not replaced. The flare system was out of service.

Then in case of dangerous chemical reactions trragedy, solvents could be pumped to quench the reactions. All of them gave warnings about bad management, poor maintenance, poor training and careless about safety regulations.

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Because the gas is heavier than the air it settled down and pushed by a gentle wind towards Bhopal city. The second mitigation step is a vent gas scrubber. This should be empty to allow evacuation of some of the MIC from the other tank to reduce the pressure.

The only thing done for most of those poor people was drops in their eye.

In summary, the event was preceded by warning events sincebut neither the UCIC took a step to treat the events noted nor do anything to mitigate the consequences of an event could happen later. Don’t replace it; employees said they were told Several gas scrubbers were out of service.

In a worker died after inhaling a large amount of phosgene [1]. They claimed that they were not told to isolate the tank with a pipe slip-blind plate.

It was clear later that although the UCC engineers supervised the design, installation and operation tillthe Indian staff made a lot of cuts in design and construction which make the finished plant different than that in western countries.


Bhopal Gas Tragedy – Ppt Download

At the time, workers were cleaning out a clogged pipe with water about feet from the tank. Draft mail for Respect – vase our work culture specially supportive for women. Bhopal gas tragedy – US court rejects case against Union Carbide.

For sure lives have been saved. A Case on Noble Paper Unions demands. Figure 8 Flow sheet of the mitigation process For me as a chemical stduy the above mitigation process is a wonderful one.

In addition workers were asked to use manuals written in English although few of them know it effectively. Click here to sign up.

These were management and ethics. The boiling point of the MIC is around The Bhopal gas Tragedy: University of Massachusetts Amherst, This includes replacing imported stainless steel parts with Indian carbon steel parts.

In closed system these reactions could increase the pressure in great manner.

case study bhopal gas tragedy ppt