Struggling to be Tai-Ahom in India”. Like the rural Thai people of Thailand , the house rural Ahom families have been made of wood, bamboo and two roofs are typically designed by the thatching grasses [35]. The most famous examples of such decoration come from the TajMahal, Agra. Though the first political organization All Assam Ahom Association was created in [23] it was in when Ahom connection to other Tai groups in Assam were formally established. The recent death in the household, whether the head of the family or his wife or his parents, is called Na Dam. Both the squinch, developed in about the 5th century AD in the Persian empire, and the pendentive, possibly deriving from Syria, are ways of resting a dome upon a square base.

It is being revitalized by Tai Ahom organizations by establishing various Tai schools in Upper Assam. Similarly, Burhagohain clan were divided into eight, Borgohain sixteen, Deodhai twelve, Mohan seven, and Bailung and Siring eight each. Empty spaces were filled with more low- reliefs of creepers and flower vases. While crossing the Patkai range, the Ahoms followed an early form of Buddhism. In the past, the Tai Emperors, the Tai kings or their representatives started for war or began their official tours only after performing the ritual of flowing the Khring Phu Ra. Purani Asam Buranji Queen Phuleswari, who took the regalia to her hand during the reign of king Siva Singha , appointed a Bhutanese youth as her page.

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ajoms Cho Klong [38] is the main marriage ritual among the twenty marriage rituals of Tai Ahom people. Many of their original aspect of culture and lifestyle were preserved, while many others underwent wtudy Hinduization, due to factors political, economic and social. This celebration is associated with ancestor worship, and is currently conducted annually on January 31 of every year.


After many years of wandering, they finally settled with Soraideu as their kingdom in Stusy. But the form of the worship itself was developed by the Mahayanists after the mahaparinibbana of the Buddha. Similar high-relief floral motifs were used as decorative elements in almost all of Indo-Islamic buildings, be in mausoleums or palaces. Its usage declined during the reign of Swargadeo Rajeswar Singha, who ordered Sanskrisation.

Purani Asam Buranji Queen Phuleswari, who took casf regalia to her hand during the reign of king Siva Singhaappointed a Bhutanese youth as her page. Part of a series on the. During initial periods of Hinduisation there were instances of rivalry between the Vaishnava and Sakta sections, as kings supporting one stream persecuted the other. The Ahom script was evolved from Tai Nuea [30] which was looked similar till it was modified under the present Chinese Government.

Similarly, Burhagohain clan were divided into eight, Borgohain sixteen, Deodhai ahomms, Mohan seven, and Bailung and Siring eight each. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Ahom clans, called phoid s, formed socio-political entities. Thacker, Spink and Co.

case study on ahoms

Retrieved January 31, Some clans admitted people from other ethnic groups as well. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat The modern Ahom people and their culture are a syncretism of the original Tai and their culture [4] and local Tibeto-Burman peoples and their cultures they absorbed in Assam. The Tai Ahoms offer their first seasonal cse, vegetables, and fruits to the ancestors and they could take these only after offering these to their ancestor gods.

The story of how Ahom-led armies fought against Muslim dase has gained them a place in international history.


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Somdeo and Shengmung each respectively, [50] the deities which Sukaphaa received ajoms his grandmother in Mong Mao at the time of his departure. Mung Lung the present day in Assam in.

The priestly families worship their ancestors in a ln clear way making different grades to each kind of Dam. This influence from Tai folk religion [56] was acquired either in Yunnan, or in Myanmar during Sukaphaa’s journey into Assam. Tai-Ahom Man and woman in traditional clothing.

This was a celebratory ritual conducted after a victory in battle, asking for a higher power to the king and longevity for the king and the kingdom. In most of the early instances Tai rituals were practiced simultaneously with Hindu rituals in most of their ceremonies.

Cinema Joymoti – the first motion picture. Cross-cultural reflections in Ahom Art This section of the paper deals with some case studies from the remaining architectural evidences of the Ahoms, in support of the above mentioned point.

case study on ahoms

Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh. They had their own developed writing system which is a Tai-Kadai Script is known as Ahom script[29] which is now in disuse. Along with the language, the kings adopted many other aspects of the conquered race, religion being the foremost.

Even though the Ahom made up a relatively small portion of the kingdom’s aho,s, they maintained their original Ahom language and practiced their traditional religion till the 17th-century, when the Ahom court as well as the commoners adopted the Assamese languageand Ekasarana dharma and Saktism religions.