Most of employees including them had not reconciled to this reality even till date. A manager remarked “These leaders now talk more and sensible, and have reflected practical more positive understanding and cooperation in developing performance culture. Some employees alleged that this show down was pre-planned by Pradip loyalists. When became well-versed in handling they computers, each manager brought with him his own PPT in the periodic meetings. Immediately on takeover, the first major issuewas themode of salary payment. In , the GM? There was no Most had never seen a training department.

The union agreed for the allowance. By Sami A Khan. Few from the unrecognized leaders staff associations occasionally made their points which demonstrated some degree of suppressed dissent on some issues. He challenged the authority of JaiLai and other existing union office bearers. The key thing is that theDVB-scheme high are somehow fence-sitters and are not taking side performers of the one who is just and fair. It was wrong to dismiss Pathan, as he himself was the victim in that episode.

It has been learnt from Concerned Zonal staff, that both the outgoing feeders in question, viz.

case study on ndpl

Tempers were high in the union on this issue. Since most interest issues were part of the tripartite takeover the DVB-scheme employees had protection agreement, whereby of service conditions, there was little role for the union in these This content downloaded from Employees were concerned that the settlement of these claims should be done from the employee welfare fund set up by Casf which was now the responsibility of theNDPL.


case study on ndpl

When a customer comes with a complaint, instead of dealing with ithimself, he puts the DVB man in the front. Skip to main content.

Tata Power-DDL – Case Studies

The common has for employee largely changed the better. Thereby, the occurrences of birdages in both the feeders occur simultaneously. Pathan was an NDPL-scheme employee in probationer the corporate head office. Most of employees including them had not reconciled to this reality even till date.

Also, almost all designations, which smacked of hierarchy consciousness, were re-christened. Schemes were devised and for providing free implemented coaching and computer training to children of the employees.

What had become a cause of serious worry in NDPL circles was the stucy incidence of insubordination and Some cases of assault and heckling indiscipline.

The firstone dated May 30, contained threat for agitation due to the three listed in it,which included: You will agree that, it is theunion’s duty tomake the common employee feel comfortable. Union leaders were pursuing the matters with the management. But thebiggestmistake of ourswas thehandling of thePradip factor.

(PDF) Case: Cooperative Employee Relations at North Delhi Power Ltd | Debi Saini –

GM HR issued a circular to all employees that “the raising day would not be celebrated on July1, due to non-receipt from theDelhi Government” of the retirement benefit by retired employees. Promotion was the third most crucial issue; no pending stufy had taken place since Under the CEO’s leadership, the HR department designed and implemented several interventions towards this end. DVB had given uniforms to lower-level workers and white-collar staff up to the junior engineer level.


The comparative performance of the company speaks for itself.

Several were absent from employees all these days, on the excuses related to involvement in salary duty payment. Rajendra Kumar Choudhury Jdpl In addition to the measures shown in Table 1, regular camps were organised for freehealth check-ups with specialists’ facilities.

On the contrary, some of them felt empowered e.

case study on ndpl

After this training they could engage themselves in these activities and earn some extra money. But more than anything else, he was asking himself how to confront the toughest of the challenges i.

The salary registerwas a 2 feetwide manual, requiring diligent entry,which was often not handled to the satisfaction of the employees. Perhaps themost complex of these three issueswas thepayment of Rs. It organised a special 12 to 16 weeks technical training to upgrade skills of these employees at the company’s cost. The idea, the CEO making, papad-making, company’s claimed, was that they could live a dignified work lifeand not sit idle.



The Pradip dynamics had led tomany new developments. Bdpl Blocking Scheme for Bus bar Protection. The second demand charter, submitted on 4 June, contained ten demands, the prominent among these included: