Have participants prepare topics to be addressed by you or another instructor. Verbal turnarounds are sentences that turn around the thought expressed in the first half in order to offer optimism in the second half. Evolution Concept Map – graphic organizer Evolution Crossword Puzzle – terms related to topic of evolution. Ask what they judge to be most valuable to them. Afterwards, select a spokesperson to serve on a panel with representatives from the other teams.

Because some people may be sensitive about revealing their age, assure all that they need not give the exact age to their questioner, but rather simply need to tell which column s contains their age out of a list of 32 numbers. As you might guess, it is not because they lack the requisite skills. If one group did exceptionally well, ask participants what factors for example, the size of the group might account for their results. Preview a video you intend to show in a future class and draw the skeletal divisions on a transparency. It is not even the beginning of the end. Afterwards, ask the foursome to discuss their reactions to the assignment. One went to Tulsa, one went to Skokie, and one went to Boston.


How many pointed corners are there in a cube? Instead of persevering, trying to force-fit a round solution into a square problem, such thinkers are willing to explore a different approach. It can be used with any number of participants. The leader works hard to achieve group harmony.

This is an archive page for biologycorner. Ask teams to add oxymorons of their own. Instead of information on team formation, select lengthy textbook passages of material relevant to the course you are facilitating, and ask participants to reduce the information to the most essential knowledge. Invite a reporter from the local newspaper to speak with participants about the siagram process.


critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Form teams of five or six participants and ask each team to list on chart paper ten specific things policies, procedures, philosophies, processes, paperwork, practices, meetings, etc. This is a modi! If thimking, share the K-W-I-C technique with department heads and other managers especially the supervisors of those in attendance and encourage its use department-wide.

Take a given problem and encourage participants to view it from new perspectives—quite literally. Sample subjects should relate to the nature of the training being provided. Tell someone you think he or she needs to take additional training in a particular area. A spokesperson from each team will report on the ideas.

A recent study reported in the September issue of Solutions, page 11 revealed the primary reason why corporate managers are terminated. Despite the plethora of problems confronting us on a daily basis, few of us have had formal training in problem-solving.

What benchmarking have you done thinkinv the last six months? These will serve as preludes to the second task, which has you and your team members assess information and make educated prognoses based on what you are given. As the meeting progresses or perhaps by the second meetingmembers begin to open up.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Have participants compare the notes they made and discuss the content of the lecture. They can also be made with other employees through process cirtical teams, with customers through focus groups, with the community at large through new outreach programs.


Ask for a volunteer, ideally one with some artistic talent, to take the 311-1 entry, fashion it into mini-banners or certificates that can be hung in the workplace, and then distribute them to the participants who were part of this training program. Rather, each of us has an unlimited reservoir of creative potential. Oompa Loompa Genetics – basic crosses and problem sets, using oompa loompas.


Ask each team to send a representative to the front of the room to serve on a panel that will discuss the confusion, suggestions, and explanations.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Invite a member of senior management to address the class and give his or her opinion regarding the oxymorons presented in Worksheet If for no other reason than your own good health, you should know how your brain works.

Encourage them to work as quickly as they do on intelligence and entrance exams, which test for both accuracy and speed. Perceptual Shifts Workplace Connections: To expose participants to dialectical thought, requiring them to make sense synthesis of two seemingly contradictory viewpoints thesis, antithesis.

Such processes help us view, with a critical eye, the problems, decisions, and situations that require appropriate reaction and action. Speak with the editor of the company newsletter about holding a monthly contest with organization-specific categories for the matrix. Reinforce the concept and process of efficient encoding by asking participants to think about the one person in their work environment whom they most admire for his or her ability to absorb and retain voluminous amounts of information.

However, general business topics will serve as well: How was it answered?