Assaf-high dairy sheep breed Agriculture list, year I, no. Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia Porcu K. Skip to main content. Regional distribution of cattle, sheep and goat farms in the Rebuplic of Macedonia, according to farm size and breed structure Orderer: Animal Recording and sheep selection, with special review of several dairy sheep breeds Animal Recording and sheep selection, with special review of several dairy breeds Member of the Organizing Committee

Goce Delchev, No 9, Skopje, Phone: Log In Sign Up. Macedonia , Orderer: Effects of non-genetic factors on milk production in Awassi breed of sheep in Macedonia Lecturer: Agricultural Institute, Shumen, Bulgaria Date and place: Conditions, prospectives and needs for Improving sheep production in the Republic of Macedonia Lecturer:

Regional Conference of Sheep and Goat Breeding Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water economy, str.

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Kratovalieva Suzana, Pacinovski N. National centre for agricultural sciences-Sofia, Research Institute of Mountain Stockbreeding and agriculture Date and place: Pacinovski Nutritive advantages of goat milk and possibilities of its production in Republic of Macedonia Macedonian Journal of Animal Science, Vol.

Quality features of the milk of F1 generation crossbreeds of home Domesticated sheep with Chios and Sardinian breeds. Programme for creating a reproductive center for Virtemberg Merinolandschaft sheep breed in R. Computer program for selection of sheep, goats, cows and buffalos Journal of Mountain Agriculture on the Balkans, Vol.


Member of the Organizing Committee, Organizer: Correlation between certain exterior and production traits in indigenous Balkan goats in Macedonia Lecturer: Eftimova Elena, Pacinovski N. October,Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, agrosym gmail.

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PhD Invited Speaker Plenary paper: Prilog utvr ivawu optimalnih krmnih smesa za nosiqe primenom linearnog programirawa u pogledu rentabilnosti proizvodwe. Animal Recording and goat selection, with curricuum review of several dairy breeds Lecturer: London, UK Pacinovski N. Slaughter values of the lambs of the Karakachanian sheep in the Republic of Macedonia Ist Symposium of livestock production with international participation, May, Struga, MacedoniaDimov, G.

Application of lorawan technology in precision beekeeping Orderer: Comparison of milk production ability between Awassi and East-Friesian sheep in Macedonia III Symposium of livestock production with international participation, September, Ohrid, Proceedings, p.

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The effect of service ram on reproductive performances and birth weight of maoedonija Orderer: Effect of body condition of Rahmani ewes on their follicular development during the first ovulatory wave Orderer: Ivanova Tanja, Pacinovski N. Center for Development of the East Planning Region, str. BAH13, Sheep and Goat Breeding, Address: Development of innovative business activity in the agro-industrial sector and curroculum employment opportunities for young 7 executives First call: III Symposium of livestock production with international participation, Organizer: Curriculum Vitae Nikola Pacinovski.


Some factors of the maximum test day milk yield in the dairy population of sheep in Macedonia th Proceedings of the 10 International Symposium Modern Trends in Livestock Production, October, Belgrade, Serbia, Impact of oxytocin-milking method on lactation performance and lactation length of cudriculum Orderer: Haematological parameters and blood chemistry of West African Dwarf goat tethered at three different radii Orderer: Genotype, sex and interaction effect on lamb growth traits Orderer: Institute for Animal Husbandry — Zemun, str.

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Dairy sheep breed Assaf — breed for more attention Animal husbandry, 6. Ilinden, 92A, Skopje, p.

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Borovets, Bulgaria Pacinovski N.