The scolarly activity of Ludovit Stur Linguistics Institute is concentrated on the basic research of the Slovak language. Kunyv Papp Ferencnek Grammatical data in the lexicon. He has researched and taught in most aspects of the English Language, in particular stylistics, grammar, lexis, discourse and corpus linguistics. My special orientation goes to the following languages: Lietuvos mokslas, , t.

Slovenska rec, 58, , pp. Residences for professors and students from abroad are at Muitines 7 and student dormitories are located at Taikos pr. In I graduated from Moscow State University as a mathematican. The data base is used for an inquiry into the effects of adult-child interaction on the development of grammar, the lexicon and the communicative competence socialization in the child. Author or co-author of 6 books, four of which published in English by foreign publishing houses; author or co-author of several tens of research papers published mostly in English in well-known journals or Proceedings of conferences see the enclosed list of publications. Festschrift for Ferenc Papp Debrecen: Towards a Network of European Reference Corpora.

Slava, to be published. A pen-and-paper survey has also been conducted with a nationally representative sample of the adult Hungarian population. The main features of those LPSP-programs are their ability to function in any computer network, to communicate with similar LPSPs and to be tools for development of new computerized lingustic pourr. This project will exploit inherent regularities of Latvian word formation principles.

Another important project is “Distributional statistical atlas of the classic Russian novel”, which includes 30 novels covering the period from to There were attempts to develop a system of rules for deriving infinitive and present forms from a past form. This may be the case for living organisms, mind, consciousness and existence in general.


pouf A by-product of this project is “Dostoevski’s frequency dictionary” 1. Stefan Institute JSI, founded is a research organisation for pure and applied research in the natural sciences and technology. Practical systems such as spelling checkers and programs for dividing words into main parts such as syllables, prefix, root etc.

Defended her CSc thesis “candidate of sciences” on negation and presupposition in the semantic structure of the sentence in and her DrSc thesis “doctor of sciences” on the semantic structure of the sentence in ; both academic degrees were received in general linguistics at the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague. Good samples of the Russian of lour would do the job much better. At the time all the texts were keyboarded manually which was a formidable task. The Proper Treatment of Morphological Knowledge.

Focus on focus – Towards a dynamic account of discourse.

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For this purpose Latvian dictionaries were studied to find anomalies. Jazykovedny casopis, 46,pp.

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The Laboratory also participates at several dictionary projects with the Slovak Pedagogical Publishers and Forma software house. It continues the Computer Science section that functioned between as part of the Faculty of Mathematics of the University “A.

Slovenska rec, 58,pp.


curriculum vitae pour bts esf

International Journal of Lexicography, Vol. Principal investigator of several large-acale projects in curgiculum past; currently the main investigator of a large project on semi-automatic machine translation from English to Czech within the Academic Initiative of IBM and of the project concerning automatic retrieval from full-text documents.

The project aims at a theoretical description of Hungarian. Special attention is being paid to bilingualism.

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The University accords special attention to the Hu-manities and to Social Sciences. However, the list of priorities of those funding organizations has changed radically. Zum politisch-gesellschaftlichen Diskurs im Postsozialismus. There are three main forms from Latvian verbs: Kaunas is set on the confluence of the rivers Neris and Nemunas. Centre, Moscow, As one of the 8 national backbones our Center ensures Internet communication for all the institutes of Romanian Academy The text events are occurrences and co-occurrences of words or any other symbol strings.

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In the framework of Yu. Nordiske studier i leksikografi. Besides research programme, the Center aims at becoming an active know-how disseminer, organising national and international conferences, workshops, summer-school and seminars. Ljubljana,pp.