It is a special segment for the love season in which barangay residents share their love stories live on television. New plates in 1 week, driver’s license in 1 hour, etc”. However, the clue-giver must only say his clues in English, and must neither state the first letter the word begins with nor say part of the word in the clue e. It is one of the show’s dance contests in the s. They are also called as the “phenomenal love team” due to their rise in popularity after they were accidentally paired on the July 16, episode of the Problem Solving portion of “Juan for All, All for Juan” which later became the first episode of Kalyeserye.

CHAW provides a comprehensive and sequential art experience that builds skills, fosters a love of arts, and expands artistic expression. Music Hero is a talent competition for child musicians who are skilled at playing musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, or drums. Archived from the original on Heart to Get is a reality dating game segment every February during the s in time for Valentine’s Day. Retrieved August 26, The segment is sponsored by Coca-Cola to promote the company’s new global marketing campaign Open Happiness. The highlight of the competition are the funny antics of the five contestants during the introductory portion, the talent portion, and the question-and-answer portion.

Challenges can range from playing traditional Filipino games with a twist to retrieving objects in a tank full of cockroaches. There are a total of seven rounds.

Eat bulaga problem solving march 21 2015

The prerecorded visits of the hosts to the lucky winners’ homes are shown in the segment. The segment is in a classroom setting, with the hosts divided into groups or pairs and usually dressed in school uniforms. The song was a dance craze during that time. While guessing, the guesser must place their hand inside an aquarium that contains live snakes or other things that the guesser is afraid of.


It is a comedy skit segment where it narrates a spoof of some of the famous fairy tale stories, and the EB hosts will portray the characters from the story.

While marvh music is playing, the audience must simply pass around the four gift boxes. Prizes includes cash and a brand new car. Marfh minute to 1-hour soap opera parody entitled Kalyeserye literally translated as “street series” was created within the “Juan for All, All for Juan”s segment for the tandem, featuring live improv acting from the AlDub supercouple and its additional characters—Filipino comedians Wally Bayola primarily as Lola NidoraJose Manalo primarily as Lola Tinidoraand Paolo Ballesteros primarily as Lola Tidora as various characters.

Fictional characters introduced in Fictional Filipino people Soap opera supercouples. The show has featured hundreds of segments and competitions since its debut on July 30, Bayanihan of d’Pipol sponsored by Coca-Cola.

eat bulaga problem solving march 21 2015

Well known for his broken EnglishJimmy Santos translates Tagalog words and phrases into English as requested by some barangay residents. Homeviewers may email their problem solvint directly call the hosts to share their problem on air. Pogi is one of the most famous signature segments of Eat Bulaga!

eat bulaga problem solving march 21 2015

For each round, a representative from one team is pitted against a representative from probpem other team.

It is a special edition of the Give Love on Christmas Day segment on January 2,during Alden Richards’ 25th birthday celebration.

Each day, two female contestants must act a scene from the film with a few Eat Bulaga! You may want to include an extra line under the letterhead to create visual appeal and to separate the letterhead from the rest of the letter. Those people were declared as the unsung heroes of today and were given a small reward as a token of appreciation.


Their first full-length movie entitled My Bebe Loveentered into the Metro Manila Film Festival was the top grosser with an opening-day gross of The highlight of the competition are the funny antics of the five contestants during the introductory portion, the talent portion, and the question-and-answer portion.

Lola Dear is a contest in Eat Bulaga!

It was through this competition that Jimmy Santosa former basketball player-turned-actor, became a regular mainstay of Eat Bulaga! The final splving involves snakes. Even a minor injury like this will not just magically go away if you keep doing whatever irritated the forearm muscles and tendons in the first place.

eat bulaga problem solving march 21 2015

Each member of the That’s My Baes is holding a cellphone. On that episode, the first showdown happened, but Machete was in the Broadway Centrum studio while Achuete was in the barangay. For the first round, the contestants must showcase their talents.

Eventually, Problem Solving gave birth to the phenomenal loveteam called AlDuband the segment gradually morphed into a live impromptu soap opera called Kalyeserye. One contestant is picked from the studio audience.

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The segment is sponsored by the battery brand Eveready. The original edition was a competition who are skilled at playing musical instruments, such as piano, guitar, or drums. The segment is one of the several reincarnations of the segment Gaya Gaya, Puto Maya.