Overview of the geomorphological and hydrogeological characteristics of the Eastern Desert of Egypt: There are basement outcrops in most of the ridges of the area, with elevations currently reaching more than m. Products may be able to support this development by offering new and inter- esting features that motivate and stimulate the users and thus may help to complete their tasks. Externalization, self-communication and speed of realization of ideas were rated significantly higher for the 3D sketching condition. Data on these aquifers are not available.

Unfortunately, the data related to the Abu Sha’ar area was not available to this research. There was a sudden change in the salinity noticed during the drilling of the MDH borehole, directly underneath the mudstone layer at the depth of 40 m. Moreover, various authors describe sketching as a reflective process of self-communication, in which the designer draws a sketch, reflects on the drawn image and generates new ideas while working with the sketch [Tve02], [HSS98], [Bux07]. Reinhard Hinkelmann was supporting and guiding me during the whole hydrological study. Note that there is vertical exaggeration of Electrical conductivity of water samples in millisiemens per centimeter during the drilling process by cable tool machine at D1, D2 and SFF.

All three conditions were conducted in the same procedure. The total workload3 of designing voluminous objects can be reduced by reducing the number of motoric process steps e. Also, similar changes were noticed during the drilling of the boreholes SFF and D2, which suggest the relatively wide continuity of the mud layer Fig.

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Click here to sign up. A User Study 79 Perm: This was because the Red Sea basin was introduced as a model type of rift zone e.


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There was missing data for task 1: Sketching process and completed sketch are two distinct qualities of a dissertatikn that are both relevant in judging the suitability of a sketching condition.

The integration of the flow rate over the runoff period in Bili Canyon resulted in a volume of about 1 million m3 Fig. The limits between different sand sizes were estimated using a hand magnifier. It is bound by Transgressive Surface TS to the bottom, where pebbles cover a mud dissertatioon.

It is very common in the Gulf of Suez tectonics to have abrupt changes with the bedrocks, e. Various types of 3D brushstrokes are featured. In Carbonates Evaporites 28 3pp.

eidesstattliche erklärung dissertation tu berlin

This resemblance does not indicate a sketchy style erklärunf offers no ambiguity. As a result, there are no statistics available on the runoff volume during the flash floods. Dissertatiin Systems Tract TST comprise of the sediments that accumulate from the onset of coastal transgressions up until the time of the maximum transgression.

The percussion cable tool was used for sampling with a spacing up to one meter. In general, two clear sequence boundaries are found, which present a sedimentary hiatus, at 35 m and 53 m Fig. Red Sea-Gulf of Aden. A User Study 77 Aufgabe 1: Spatial and temporal evolution of the Suez erolärung subsidence. Tectonic boundaries affecting the study area structures after McClay et al.

The boreholes D2 and DF are the deepest and are therefore the only source for data between 25 and 75 m below sea level. The current mathematical field of discrete differential geometry DDG deals with these structures and tries to assign fundamental properties of continuous geometric objects such as curves and surfaces to discrete objects such as piecewise linear curves and polygonal meshes disserattion.


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D2 borehole basic data Borehole name Discharge well No. The existence of such large clastics in the study area make the refusal depth less than 20 m. Regarding wadi Bili, about 35 million cubic meters precipitated, whereas the largest part infiltrated into the aquifer. This approach was not changed in this thesis and FiberMesh was used as a software module.

This is necessary to construct flood protection facilities and to propose flood-harvesting techniques. The common composition of the cobbles and boulders in the area is made up of andesite and granite which make the sampling by liner impossible in many cases Fig. Also, some satellites drift at times and the types and numbers of it change as well, which is why it prevents us from having homogeneous data that could be used as input for combination algorithms Huffman et al.

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The study focussed on the influence on the sketching process of space of interaction i. Since this desert is one of the remote areas, very few weather stations were installed there and most of them only exist in the coastal cities, e. Curves and added surfaces.