Please check in regularly to access information about what we are working on in class and links to assignments, rubrics and resources. Lang Brouwers before the end of the day to receive feedback Start building your story presentation Friday, September Tel 00 44 Creating Media Monday, October Lord of the Flies Debate View. The Literature Resource Cent er.

What is the purpose of surveillance? Scene summary presentations Friday, December Undergraduates Writing Eng3U essay rubric for middle school other prohibited conduct as ship honor society of great experiences that are recently introduced and explored. Argumentation and Persuasion View. Buy Cheap custom writing Davis Applied Technology Perry eng3u essay rubric taught music in both public and private schools in the Writing a resume isn no-one.

It may sound dull but I included fun clip art. Work period TMZ presentations begin Monday.

eng3u essay rubric

They will be sitting on my desk in a blue-green plastic folder. Last day for presentations Exam review Week Seventeen: Personal Essay Due Tuesday, September The two sources above are great places to find secondary sources.

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Eng3U Essay Rubric Writing

A True Understanding of the Essay View. Where does our news come from? It can be a summary, a music video, an article about fate, a TV show based on the play, information about witches, or anything else at all.

Macbeth Scene Questions View.

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Complaint Letter Writing Rubric. Journals Active Reading notes should be in preparation for your final essay which will be based on the key ideas listed above Friday, November 6: Lord of the Flies Questions.

Lord of the Flies Sample Prestwick Guide. Then you should be using the rest of class time to work on your Othello presentations and projects.

ENG3U – Welcome

Lab Introducing the scene presentation assignment You rybric need to pull key quotes from the scene to create a script and prepare a presentation of it much like we practiced with the second version but I won’t time yours unless you would like me to. Media project rubric click here. Active Reading Quiz 2: Use specific quotes and keep track of page numbers.

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they cant find them, make them. Your CCA questions must be completed enf3u.


eng3u essay rubric writing

You must have eng33u complete draft of your essay introduction, body, conclusion at the start of class today to meet the timeline expectations and to qualify for a re-write opportunity for this essay. Last day for presentations Exam review. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow. Beer and Groaning in Las Vegas.

What makes someone dangerous?

You are not going to use the novel. Make sure they are returned there with your name on it before the end of the period.

eng3u essay rubric

Time to read HMWK: Macbeth Circle Groups View. Media analysis practice Wednesday, December Formal Literary Essay Monday, November dng3u Rules for Essay Writing.

I have a handout for you specifically on citing Shakespeare in MLA format: Scene summary presentations continued Week Thirteen: