Views Read Edit View history. Among the 7, foreign students studying in Madaris in Pakistan, most are Afghans and their complete whereabouts is also not available with any government agency. First Annual Report, Islamabad, p. Your email address will not be published. Click here to sign up. Government authorities, have, for long, been avoiding getting into another conflict by saying that there will be collateral damage in case of any operation. Owing to their strategic calculations of the times, the governments of Pakistan and the USA neglected the radical ideology and methods employed by the madrasas.

This paper is based on interviews and focused group discussions conducted with madrasa teachers in Pakistan to gauge what, in their view, is required to reform the system. Languages Deutsch Edit links. First Annual Report, Islamabad, p. History of Madrasas Since Following the partition of India and the birth of Pakistan in , a number of Ulema from Deoband migrated to Pakistan and established seminaries here. Another section leaves school at 10 th grade.

As people become increasingly dependent on and integrated within the private social service system provided by these groups, the motivation to remain loyal to the State is diminished.

Former Pakistani president Gen. In Junethe government drafted the Deeni Madaris Voluntary Paakistan and Regulation Ordinance and passed it through the federal cabinet but it could not be promulgated due to strong resistance from the Madaris.

However, these model madrasas were not accepted by the majority as they were perceived to be reforms initiated at the behest of the West or the USA. The envisioned program aimed at facilitating the introduction of modern subjects such as English, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies, Social Studies and General Sciences, from the primary to the secondary level.

Madrasa Education in Pakistan: In the Context of Government Policy

The approach by the government can be characterized as half-hearted; too little, too late; and one step forward, two steps back instead of the required thrust of tackling it as the topmost national priority. Some quit formal education after reaching 5 th grade in school. It was also reported that one of the bombers was trained at a Pakistani erucation. For the majority of Pakistani families Madrassas may provide “the only realistic option” to educate their sons, [1] but critics have complained that many madrassas offer almost no instruction beyond the memorizing of the Koran, and that esucation encourage extremism, as analysis of the profiles of suicide bombers who have struck in at least one region of Pakistan have found most attended madrasas.


And at the same time, madrasa as an independent unit adds to the progression of Islamisation through its ideology and pakistxn.

They did not adopt English as the language in existing Madaris and multiplied number of conventional Madaris in their bid to save their distinct identity, religion and culture. The doctrinal differences between these schools edication seem irreconcilable in an educational setting. During the Benazir Bhutto era, the government banned the registration of seminaries because it wanted to change the system, but it could not do so.

essah One of the major outcomes of madrasa education in Pakistan has been the spillover effect in the neighbouring countries. Genesis of Madaris runs deep in Islamic history. It is compulsory for Muslims. The inability of PMEB to perform its function does not mean that rationale behind the scheme was flawed. As an alternate to formal education, religious seminaries Madaris have offered education to a large segment of society, especially the poor.

Madrassah Education in Pakistan Some Insights – Jahangir’s World Times

The equivalence of diplomas and degrees awarded by these Wafaq-ul-Madaris with formal education system starts with a Tanviah-e-Aamah MatriculationTanviah-e-Khasa IntermediateShahadat-e-Aaliya Bachelors — on passing three compulsory BA courses of any recognized university and Shahadat-e-Aalmia Masters — on passing compulsory MA courses of any recognized university.


Pakistann Karachi Lahore Lower Dir. Dini Madaris; the other to register and control them Post in different languages: Mastery of these subjects qualifies a student to become an Islamic scholar or cleric maulvi or maulana.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

However, they do demand trained and skilled teachers to teach those subjects. It is important to note that most of these teachers do not acquire any formal training in education and receive their own religious education from within the madrasa system. However, some madrasas do resist registration in favour esday more autonomy.

In total, this program expected to reach some madrasas. The Washington Quarterly, vol.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

Looking beyond national solutions, are there innovative solutions that other countries in the South Asian region can contribute to the reform process in Pakistan? There is no denying maddasa fact that madrasa education produce religious, sectarian, sub-sectarian and anti-west bias, but it cannot be justified that such bias are translated into militancy and other forms of violence, as considered by the international community.

Afghanistan, Education, and the Formation of the Taliban.

Madrassas in Pakistan

Shia- Sunni differences in Pakistan have also been accentuated due to the training youth receive at sectarian madrasas. So far several South Asian madrasas, mostly from Pakistan and Bangladesh, have committed to integrating that curriculum educaation their existing 36 An observation made by one of the madrasa teachers at the FGD.

Click here to sign up. But, strangely enough, the basic reason behind the emergence of madrasa- to seek knowledge as enshrined in the principals of Islam are not known.