We had four group assessments. Oh wow, I did not know they changed the format, but I was expecting it to happen soon, considering they’ve been doing the same thing for a while now. If you’re in my batch , I suggest you try out for Yayasan Peneraju and Maybank. But you know, one can still stand out and shine without being a direct leader. In the end it is all about teamwork and the role you play in your team. So there were three groups medicine, engineering and miscellaneous. May 15, October 2,

My group failed miserable in this mission haha. Are you more of a jack of all trades, or a master of one? We have to plan a convocation carnival which we have to show the layout and carried out some calculations to find the profit margin. How I can contribute back. Email required Address never made public. The second stage begins on the following day in Sasana Kijang.

I arrogantly spoke out my thought: I was even more grateful that my roommate was also shortlisted, at least it wouldn’t be awkward in the room later.

Interview Sudden arrangement about weeks after application. Written essays by selecting any two topics from the list 3.

Bank Negara Kijang Scholarship Academy – Pink Masquerade

Pardon the distortion, I had to blur out my sister who was photobombing the room. Ash December 13, at 4: But, for BANK Negara and Yayasan Khazanah, the school counselor aka Cikgu Kerjaya dan Kaunseling will play a main role in nominating your name for the next stage since both of them are closed application and you cannot simply apply online no matter what schools you are from.


essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

And thank you Amer Azmi for the info. Second session was a study case too and a bit tougher than the previous one because it was more practical. Anonymous April 01, It’s as if I was the only one with no friends, but I befriended my table-neighbours by having small chitchats. In this activity, my group definitely improved a lot compared to the previous one in terms of having a leader, previously we learnt that allowing others to lead is also a form of leadership.

That One Girl Kijang Academy, Bank Negara.

Any form of it would be acceptable as long as they meet the height requirements and connected to each other. In fact, only 3 candidates were selected and they are currently doing their study in Kolej Tuanku Jaa’far. I was inquired about that, exactly like what I had expected the night before when I was talking to myself as a practice for today’s interview. Though, if you’re not asked for any, then it’s best to stay quiet and listen to whatever they have to say.

Okay, that’s only the first part of your question answered. Dmy father and brother left to go home.

If I were at home, I could double the quantity and still be craving for more. Not entirely bad, but not that good either. The room they provided for us in Lanai Kijang. So, question number 2: Merely a form to submit and no questions asked. After going through all my points, I came to a conclusion and waited for the panel of interviewers to pose questions.


You can also collect some money to buy things that you want or like by taking a part time job. The reason to that is to give a good impression to other assessors as they are going to judge ourselves as well.

essay untuk biasiswa bank negara

My topic was the most selected one among the candidates which is ‘Aptitude vs Attitude. I truly believe that every word has to be briefly meaningful and they have to come essxy from yourself in order to catch their attention.

While the Kijang Scholarship limits itself to the 3 countries and 5 disciplines mentioned earlier, Kijang Emas permits its holders to pursue any discipline in any country.

Breakfast was great because there were pancakes kntuk I love pancakes a lot. You just need to have good leadership qualities, great team spirit and of course, good grades in Spm!

Bank Negara Kijang Scholarship

Newer Post Older Post Home. I can handle conversations with people, albeit awkwardly and with a hint of social anxiety.

I had never done things like that and disliked them too, because I am not good or creative enough for them.

The freedom in managing your own life is very fulfilling and instills independence in the most effective way. The process took a week.