Hard working person will always meet Success sooner or later. The question that was posed to me was on my stream ie biomedical engg. I answered all the questions satisfactorily. Questions can also be asked from world History. Coming straight away to Part II of the paper, the total marks of this section is

Harish Mechnical Engineer my interview was on 18th jan , hyderabad i am a mechanical engineer so the first question: I think they were reserved about candidates taking other exams but still if I had said NO they would know i was lying. The panel had 4 members 3 men and one woman member They started the interview by asking the following questions: You already served country in some manner, then why IB again? Area of topics covered. Education Masters in Political Science. Interview board members were co-operative.

expected essay topics for ib acio exam 2013

I answered all the questions satisfactorily. You already served country in some manner, then why IB again?

ACIO Essay Topics

Standard half-smile expression throughtout. For some people it was for 5 mins and for some it went upto 20 mins.

A speaks the truth 3 out of 4 time, and B speaks truth 5 out of 6 times. Srivastav my interview was on 16th jan in chennai. The question that was posed to me was on my stream ie biomedical engg.

List of Essay Topics asked IB ACIO-II/Exe Examination | Intelligence Bureau(IB) ACIO -II Exam

Additionally, I had also uploaded a few short-lectures about PCP on youtube you can see them on: Call letters for Successful candidates: I was the 3rd person to be interviewed. Before starting to answer for Paper-I objective question, have a look on the Essay topics options and decide you topics.


expected essay topics for ib acio exam 2013

Other was on the Political scenario in Pune Hometown. Like bank exam but the difficulty level of puzzle is very easy as compared to bank exam. Keep in mind all question consist only 1 mark.

Who would make a better C.

Family background related questions What you must do? Laxmikanth Hindi English Spectrum: Go here for the top vitamin c serum now available anywhere and at the best price. They r actually very cooperative. Your email address will not be published.

Even if you did not prepare anything, do not tense. What is the distance and direction of his present location with reference to the starting point, 74 metres North East 60 metres North iii 35 metre East 40 metres South East A man is facing west.

After a lot of research, we have tried to compile a list of recent topics in news. Contributions of Ambedkar to Indian freedom struggle — I concentrated on the Constitution drafting part and threw light on social justice, mentioning that he came to the freedom struggle scene at a later stage. You just need to write one essay worth 50 marks.


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Nikhil interview on 18th at bapu dham… there are 4 boards… mine was 3rd board…. Because in phone number is different than phone number Pay more attention to Mental ability section.

M2- have u changed ur name bc u have not given u this name?? For additional practice ewsay may go through previous SSC question papers but ignore trigonometry, quadratic equation and geometry except Area-volume-perimeter.

expected essay topics for ib acio exam 2013

Now while you answer for Paper-I meanwhile you can plan a strategy and structure for the essay you will write. There is a terrorist named xyz living greater kailash,young…. Modern History Hindi English Maths: Hi Friends,I have iattended interview today in chennai…i takes 7 mins to complete…after entering i jst wished them and take a sheet…they start with my degree… 1.

Some of the questions: How well do you score on the GRE?