Tan, Renjie The kite runner as a bildungsroman of emotional maturation with the intergration of father-son relationships. Pang, Yap Seng Development of future energy management system for microgrid. What is Your Attitudes towards Homosexuality? Effective Database Searching Module 3: An empirical study in banking industry. Soo, Ching Pau Segmentation-free licence plate recognition using deep learning. Retrieved March 28, , from http:

Tee, Yu Hon Development of autonomous amphibious vehicle maneuvering system using wheelbased guided propulsion approach. Lim, Fong Hoong Consumers’ permission in mobile advertising. Yeoh, Kok Sin Vision based calories counter. Teoh, Sin Kiat Evolutionary music: Lim, Chiang Wei Novel multifunctional slot-based power-dividing couplers. For the case of Thailand. The Case of Malaysia.

Ng, Soon Hee Load analysis and forecast for a building. Chong, Kai Chian Internet of things for indoor farming. Chow, Jenn Pang Evaluation of knowledge encoded in htesis neural network in the imputation of gene expression. Murugesu, Kisantini Investigation of phytochemicals from calophyllum castaneum for their antioxidant properties. Chia, Zheng Lin Semi-autonomous 4 wheel robot.

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Students have to register for the class once the Mail Master notification is sent out in week 1. Ng, Wai Hau Single and double-layer circular microstrip patch reflectarrays.

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Objective of Study In this research, the researcher attempts to conduct a study itar on the attitudes toward homosexuality among the university students in peninsula Malaysia.


Soon, Zheng Foong Investigation of uatr beam irradiated polystrene under oven treatment. Yang, Shun Kai Investigation of the antibacterial potentials of black soldier fly Hermetia Illucens larvae. A Primary Data Analysis. Tang, Sook Mun Factors that influence green purchase behaviour of Malaysian consumers. Wong, Hong Mun Community financial portfolio management system.

Kok, Yan Yin Removal of heavy metal using membrane technology. Loh, Chye Moi A study of comparison media coverage between mainstream news website the star and alternative news website the Malaysian insider on indigeous group issue thesos Liau, Kee Fui Removal of cyanide using photocatalysis-membrane hybrid system.

However, there were several limitations that being found in this study.

fyp thesis utar

Chew, Kean Chai Cell phone controlled home electrical appliances home automation with power line carrier technology. Phuan, Jayson Zheng Yi Design of battery pack for electric vehicle based on lead acid battery. Indians, Pan Asia, Orang Asli and etc. Ushasri, Krishnan Curvature Microstrip Sensor. Lee, Stephen Chin Wey Multichannel temperature logger. In contrast, in the perspectives of Buddhism, it uyar interestingly showing that Buddhist does not forbidden or disallows the practice ffyp homosexuality.

A study of family owned and non-family owned enterprises in Malaysia.


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Chan, Siew Ling Synthesis and antioxidant activity of Prenylated Xanthones derived from 1,3,6-Trihydroxyxanthone. Lee, Shin Rou Dielectric resonator antenna reflectarray elements with under-loading slots. The quality of the University for being positive toward homosexuality might also be related to the liberal attitudes.

fyp thesis utar

Face-to-face survey method printed hardcopy and internet survey softcopy were being used in order to obtain the data and information from the participants. Evidence from Malaysia Domestic Banks.

Puan, Arthur Chok Ho Exception handling for 5-stage pipeline micro-architecture. What is Your Attitudes towards Homosexuality?

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Pang, Set Weei Creating a blended learning environment through the use of an interactive multimedia e-book for teaching-learning Chinese utqr a second language at tertiary level. The time needed to finish this survey questions are about minutes. Lee, Yong Hoong Deindustrialization: International Trade in China. A Case Study in Selangor, Malaysia. If I were a parent, I could accept my son or daughter being gay.