He is a very good designer cum modeller in Automobile engineering and allied industry. His inventiveness was not confined to machinery alone. The following are some of G. He visited several countries during his life time and was fascinated by the workmanship and engineering capabilities of Germany. Naidu Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy Naidu Tamil: They have courses is it?

It is dis-heartening to see how GD was tortured by Indian political or lack of Eco system. Views Read Edit View history. Naidu was indeed a Genius. Naidu from my school master. The following are some of G.

I think those who do badly in school are either very dumb or very intelligent! I too remember the 5. Tamil Nadu English pronunciation: In fact, he was personally invited to the funeral procession of King Fd V at London and he filmed it too….

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This at that time led to the achievement of heights precision and workmanship. He took classes and often had to bend down under the chassis to show the students about how many bolts were used with a specific torque to eliminate gasket. Short essay 14 naivu essay in english on crow in hindi language click to continue.


It was an excellent training in all respect of automobile engineering, all electrical circuits, tuning engines including engine overhauling, wheel balancing, suspensions, and even tyre retreading also.

If still the course is available, i request the management to provide me a detailed syallabus explaining the subjects and areas covered during the teaching session.

gd naidu essay

Naidu’s ‘Rasant’ razor incorporated a small motor operated by dry cells, called Heilbronn. It would be nice if some of us join together and collect materials on the works and contributions of GDN and host them naiud a dedicated website. GD Naidu is the Owner of Tamil nadu.

Naidu Gopalaswamy Doraiswamy Naidu Tamil: Subscribe to Oneindia Tamil.

gd naidu essay

They have put up some nice photos and news paper articles about G. He used to be strict not only with student and staff but also with his pet dog.

gd naidu essay in tamil

Hari Bhaskar 23rd March at 5: His inventiveness was not confined to machinery alone. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

gd naidu essay

In certain sections of this museum, the lights would go on automatically as you walk near that part esssay the exhibits and then switch off automatically when you go away from them! BalaSundaraRaman accepted for presentation at Wikimania Acknowledgment.


Navin Sengundhar 4th April at 4: One of his hobbies was to travel by train to nearby cities. Get Updates Enter your email address: Rajkumar now runs the Geedee Industries. We used to play hangman in groups back then, and boy, what fun we had with such a simple and useful game! It was a difficult one. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Naidu-Indian Scientist and Inventor. Naidu,honestly never heard of him…. There is bd for more writeups on the exhibits, since some of the concepts of technology are outdated and extinct.

gd naidu essay in tamil

Below are some of the awards received by him, his company and the museum. At least this way….! He began his transport business inwith the purchase of an automobile coach. This museum is greatest museum Of world.