However, students who absent themselves and do not make a valid attempt to gain compensation could be required to retake in late summer. Students will be referred for late summer resits at the examination board. The written assessment or written examination paper should normally be sat or submitted in Late Summer, unless attendance is required as for a practical element, such as teaching practice. The mark awarded for a re-taken examination shall, unless there are extenuating circumstances deemed acceptable by the Board of Examiners, be subject to a penalty. Postgraduate students who fail a taught module and do not retake in late summer are still required to submit the dissertation on the due date in September, as a module must be assessed in the year that it is studied unless programme specifications state differently.

Boards may not withdraw students. Failed Modules Students who fail modules should be offered late summer assessment unless the Examiners decide that the extent of failure cannot be recovered without further tuition or attendance, see additional notes below relating to postgraduate students. All students have three attempts with the exception of those taking professional practice modules. A record must be kept of extenuating circumstances considered and the decision made in each case for recommendation to the Board of Examiners, the record should be available for any discussion at the Board of Examiners. However this does not mean that students cannot discuss the same issues across assessments, rather it means they must not use the same material to support it. The decisions are recorded on the online programme mark sheets and chairs memo to the Assessments Managert, signed and submitted by the deadline date, so that results can be notified to students before the start of the new academic year, where possible. Anonymity should be maintained during the deliberations of the Board of Examiners.

The written examination papers shall diswertation the balance between the various parts of the module covered, shall be deemed to be at the appropriate standard, shall give students the element of choice and or be so designed to be completed during the allotted time.

Represents the overall achievement of the appropriate learning outcomes to a good level.

Resit assignments are capped at the pass mark with the exception of foundation year 0 undergraduate degree programmes. Find out more about extenuating circumstances.


Masters, and undergraduate and postgraduate Certificate and Diploma Boards shall meet in June to determine all interim results and progression for continuing students where progression rules apply, these Boards disseration referred to as Part- in- Advance Boards.

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If an overseas student fails a written paper and is not in attendance for retakes, it may be possible to arrange for the re-sit to take place abroad in the May examination period only, normally under the aegis of the British Council, all costs incurred must be met by the student. The overall average mark for each candidate is the weighted average of the marks on credits, the calculator will select the best marks at each level as follows:.

goldsmiths dissertation deadline

Dissertatoon should also consider the extent of the fail and whether a student will be able to pass without additional tuition and at a time when the dissertation is also due. Marks and judgments of Boards of Examiners are provisional until they have been confirmed by Academic Board; this idssertation marks provided to students through the academic year for instance on coursework to support their learning. The Chair should rule out of order any special circumstances raised by members of the Pre-meet of the Board of Examiners which have not been properly documented.

The student will be dissertaiton of the outcome and justification for the decision made by the Department as soon as possible. The practice of anonymity is an important part of the maintenance of integrity and fairness of the marking system.

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Meetings of the Boards of Examiners For each Programme leading to a degree, diploma, certificate or the award of credit there shall be a Board of Examiners: Written Assessments Xissertation assessment includes all assessable elements of a module which forms part of the requirement of the programme of study other than practical and written examinations i. If the student has not dissertaion evidence within the seven day period it is no longer acceptable to the Board, unless there are severe extenuating circumstances, which have prevented the student from complying with the regulations.

The costs incurred for an amanuensis shall be charged to the student. Example of an application form for consideration of extenuating circumstances in relation to assessment of modules pdf:. The final golvsmiths average of the degree classification will be calculated using integers.


goldsmiths dissertation deadline

Students are responsible for submitting assessed coursework, portfolios, dissertations, etc. To undertake intercollegiate study, the student should: For coursework, contact your department for the resubmission date.

Marks for interdisciplinary or intercollegiate goldsmjths must be agreed and communicated to other departments and institutions as soon as possible to avoid delays in notifying student results. Progression decision pending — student results are pending result of assessment misconduct. Appeals based on extenuating circumstances which are not supported by medical evidence relating specifically to the dates and duration of those circumstances.

The Graduate School will need to approve any restrictions to your thesis. There will be a late summer period for students who are permitted retakes or, in the cases of acceptable extenuating circumstances, deferred assessments. Departments should still continue to list specific grading criteria in each generic grading band in order to allow an assessment of the golcsmiths of achievement of the appropriate learning outcomes.

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3. Assessment Processes

A student who has accepted the award of an Aegrotat degree shall not be eligible thereafter to re-enter for the examination for a classified degree. Level 4 Year One Take the marks obtained from the best 90 credits convert to six 15 credit marks where necessary ; add them up; start a running total.

Students with a disability who have assessment reasonable adjustments will be accommodated at their home institution for written examinations, where possible and practical. If you are considering restricting the availability of your thesis beyond a standard 36 month embargo period, you must discuss this with your supervisor.

3. Assessment Processes | Goldsmiths, University of London

The following criteria must be met for compensation to be applied to a module: The Departmental Handbook should also include a warning against using materials already submitted for assessment. Non-valid attempts are failed modules and must be re-taken as directed goldamiths the Board of Examiners.

Where coursework forms part of the formal assessment of a programme of study, this shall be clearly stated in the Departmental Handbook.