Spare Square would be where we enjoyed spending our spare time at, if once it was not spared and forgotten in our urban evolution. If only the United Kingdom Government would take note. The Architectural Services Department performs monitoring and advisory services, facilities upkeep and facilities development in relation to Government-owned and Government-funded facilities in Hong Kong. Memory is like a bird. She manages her studio A16 with partner Jacky TANG and participates actively in small design projects and design competitions. In addition to the responsibilities of architects as professionals under law, members of the Institute are governed by a Code of Professional Conduct. Having worked in both engineering and architectural fields over 15 years, he equipped his interdisciplinary design skills and obtained master degrees in Engineering, Architecture and Urban Design with distinctions from HKU and his fourth master degree in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment from the University of Cambridge.

Kent also brings experience in design and project administration in some high-end interior projects. This has been a problem that has been plaguing the UK especially with the proposals to expand capacity at either Heathrow or Gatwick. Our department is committed to collaborating with our industry partners, user departments and stakeholders in developing and maintaining the public facilities for providing a better service to the general public. This exhibit shows the transformation of PMQ from a former police married quarter into a creative industries landmark. So which one is more popular?

Following seventy years of efforts on the part of our predecessors to establish the profession of architecture in Japan, hkai current JIA was founded in Mayby unifying two former individual associations that shared the same professional ideology: Green Mondate is a serious and creative public vegetarian dish cooking competition which encourages the public to cook vegetarian dishes by building a bridge between the public and celebrities through a simple green dish.

Whether it is a building, a bridge or a cemetery, it tells a story which help us appreciate not only the architecture itself but also the history and culture of the City.


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Overviewing Kamigo Clove Theater, a major performance venue for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, the house is a new community hub for Kamigo neighborhood and a major platform for Hong Kong artists to showcase their works during the Art Festivals. PMQ is a constant catalyst for change in Hong Kong. Hong Kong residents accounted for two-thirds of the samples, while the remaining one-third were visitors from various countries.

See more of my Hong Kong photos. I publish a fresh blog post every second Wednesday – enter your email address to receive each new post via email. Details of these discounted tickets is here: The campaign has helped to increase affinity to the Del Monte brand with Green Monday social media. Exaggerating these required staircases, our exhibit celebrates the sculptural effect of this essential component.

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The desire of growing green in our hectic city ties with our human nature we have neglected, which leads to some self-initiated actions and paradigm shift — studg keep finding ways to make the city green and alive again.

It has been instrumental in several key socio-economic revolutions that have shaped the identity of Hong Kong people since the British colonization in We have developed solutions for different business of various nature.

Through the discussion during the conservation process and the cerebration after the completion of construction works, the stakeholders gather, interact and contribute to their community. Despite the imperceptible existence, its width, disposition, quantity of steps, landings, etc. Alan Shek obtained his architectural science degree from Toronto.

She is also active in the promotion of cross-cultural exchange between professions and the local and international communities. Apart from organising promotional activities in Japan, we also facilitate senior level visits of individuals and delegations between the two places. Our department is committed to collaborating with our industry partners, stuy departments and stakeholders in developing and maintaining the public facilities for providing a better service to the general public.

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Multinational and local corporations are embracing Green 0214 as a platform to promote green as well as to collaborate on corporate social responsibilities. However, if one wants to experience and understand the actual urban fabric of Hong Kong, it should be viewed from the inside out, but not outside in. This vertebral of highrise serves not alone as a safety provision, but connector to communal spaces as sky gardens and podium.


Recently, they are obsessed with the marriage of advanced technology, traditional culture and architecture. Instead they become too enamoured with expanding Heathrow and forget there is a world outside of London and the M25 orbital motorway.

He was then obtained the master of architecture from the university of HK. Your email address will not be published.

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At least in the case of Heathrow they have two different mainline rail links to the city, as well as the London Underground: They also quote a conclusion reached by one of the original architects of the Hong Kong Airport Express: Some have questioned why the Government refuses to increase capacity at an airport further north and provision some form of fast railway link to London instead of the current shortlisted proposals which are aforementioned.

He won the First Prize in the architectural design competition for dase Centre for Youth Development in and 20114 as the co-founders of Meta4 Design Forum Ltd.

Despite leading different paths in their career, the three HKIA Young Architect Award shortlisted architects share their visions in cultural and public architecture and continue to extend their journey to design investigation. His design works was selected for several exhibitions and awards. September 4, at 9: Fanny Ang is one of the few architects working in conservation in Hong Kong.

hkia case study 2014