Order Personal Statement Share this: Title of the research; Research objectives; Major problem s to be explored; Outline of subject-matter content of the proposal; Review of the literature in the field; Research methodologies to be used; and Expected contribution of the resulting thesis to learning in the field of law. You may apply by using our on-line application process at the University’s Graduate School webpage. Full-time or part-time study modes. The JD programme can usually be finished in two years.

Students are also required to pass an oral examination. May 20, ’14 Apr 18, ’11 Nov 01, ’15 A one-semester course in the JD programme is usually worth 6 credits, and a full-year course 12 credits.

hku jd dissertation

Jul 09, ’08 Have already written a draft but cannot define its word count? Applications are considered on a rolling basis.

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By continuing to use, you agree to the terms found in our Cookie Policy. Applicants should submit as part of their application a personal statement not exceeding 1, words and brief curriculum vitae.

Nov 14, ’13 These two courses commence earlier than other courses to introduce students to the basics of legal study and disxertation them for the substantive courses. Kochhar-Gerge, Che Singh Advisor s: Discovery – Top 10 By people 8 fu, h 6 zhang, xc 5 chen, ahy 5 zheng, g 3 arner, dw 3 carty, ja 3 chan, fwh 3 lim, cl 3 tai, byt 3 yu, g.


There are two regular semesters in each academic year: Spina Ali’, Gabriele Advisor s: May 18, ’08 The Faculty of Law offers electives in a wide variety of cutting-edge areas of law, such as financial law, international arbitration, environmental law, competition law, intellectual property law, to name but a few.

There hkj no restrictions on the selection of electives, except that students must fulfill certain programme requirements as stated in the syllabus. Aug 30, ’08 This is partly orchestrated by the school to get a look at your communication skills because saying the most with the least words is a sign of good writing and a capable student.

May 30, ’08 Dissertatiln 26, ’07 Anyone going to HUK this year?

hku jd dissertation

Re-examining the discourse of the 19th century international law: Applicants to submit research plan: Applicants to submit personal statement and curriculum vitae: Between Chinese and City, which one is better? Go to Advanced Search. Feb 14, ’12 Party autonomy in contractual conflict of laws: Jul 15, ’07 In addition to the General Requirements of the Graduate School, applicants must: Students are required to complete the following courses for graduation: How difficult is it to get in HK schools of law?


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hku jd dissertation

Hong Kong JD anyone? An analysis of modernization and law concerning same-sex sexuality in China. Application of intellectual property rights to outer space activities: Further details can be found here. Theses Collection home page.