Case Study is focused on Wearable Technology — Kita Health Tech KHT with the key challenges involving current and future issues related to the health and well-being of individuals. Sign up for a new account in our community. On the otherhand, this means that they will be able to cater to a wider variety of audience and thus have a better involvement in the local and the state wide market. Let’s Discuss and Share Information! In a group of three or four, create an interactive study resource in the form of an e-book, for a tablet, that contains quality information, current news, evidence of independent primary research and revision questions about the topics above that will help you and your fellow students prepare for the May IB exams. Already have an account? Several Internet groups campaign against DRM technology, believing it hinders usability and freedom, and removes fundamental rights such as the ability to create backup copies.

It is also advisable that an ITGS class have access to a social bookmarking group on Diigo and also agree on a set of tags. When information is found it is good if the same set of tags are used by all students in the class. Being Amazon-owned, e-books are targetted at the Kindle range of readers. Which e-book reader should you buy? Important Information We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. Introduction Strand 1 1. Download the lesson here:

The rights and wrongs of digital books discusses other difficulties relating to e-books, including the difficulty of “lending” books and the problems this causes for users and libraries. Tech in IB SchoolsVision: It allows users to store and manage their eBook purcahses in the cloud and synchronise between caase.

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Teacher Knows if You’ve Done the E-Reading highlights one possible itgx e-book ‘feature’ – e-books that can gather statistics about how or if they are being read. Notify me of new comments via email. Hi all, I am taking the exam this May. Being Amazon-owned, e-books are targetted at the Kindle range of readers. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


Why it’s Too Early for Publishers to Give up on Media-Rich Ebooks is another article that discusses some of the difficulties relating to these e-books, including file format and compatibility problems and a lack of desire from e-book customers.

These questions are designed to familiarise students with the Cobb Publishing case study, to ensure they fully understand the key parts and vocabulary, and to link it to their prior learning. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your e-mail address will not be published. The scenario is fictitious and sttudy how independent family-owned supermarkets in Mexico have created an association in order to:.

In addition to the case study further stimulus material may be provided iib the examination paper. Synthesis and evaluation This paper consists of four structured questions, which assess in an integrated way the three strands of the syllabus. Question 4 will require the synthesis of information from a range of sources, including the citing of independent research and investigations, to develop ob extended response to a specified issue.

Case Study Paper 3, It is not necessary to join ITGSopedia wiki because it is an information source and not a collaborative space.

ib itgs case study 2014

CreateSpace offers users the ability to self publish books in both paper and electronic forms. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Through shudy investigation of the case study, students should be able to: Section B Students answer one of three structured questions based on the HL extension topics.


There is no true meaning to a text. Latest Posts Should Language and Literature teachers give more privilege to the politicians?

ib itgs case study 2014

The number of marks for each part will be given on the paper, and is linked to the command term used. Latest Posts Should Language and Literature teachers give more privilege to the politicians? This web page will be built up with a variety of articles and other primary and secondary resources to help ITGS teachers teach this case study.

ib itgs case study 2014

These materials remain here for reference only. Which e-book reader should you buy?

ITGS Case Study 2014: Cobb Publishing and E-Books

Plus they might have to share their profit itts other companies which they have partnered with. This news flash may have escaped your attention. Should I stop buying paper books ccase use an e-reader instead? Responses to examination questions must reflect the synthesis of knowledge and experiences that the candidates have gained from their investigations. A few e-book publishers already produce enhanced e-books and it is very productive to browse through their sites and check out the functionality their products offer: It was posted on 29 Jan to DP Coordinators.

However, there is one gray-haired lady that stands out from the crowd.

The second prototype synchronized data with several different fitness websites and cloud storage using various standard data formats, such as XML. Manufacturers’ hardware pages and other e-book reader comparison charts help students understand the wide range of e-book hardware that is available.