The evolution of Red Tacton technology is a boundless success,which likely to be battered for pervasive world in future. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, used for Intra-body communication are compared in this paper. This information is hard to retrieve as it is very difficult to maintain historical data. Data can be transmitted at up to 10 mbps. RedTacton transceivers have the capability of being programmed so that all members of a platoon could use the weaponry assigned to that platoon. Also the architectural design of the system which comprises of the various interface also regarded as the frontend was design with ASP. Since users do not need to take any special action e.

It effectively overcomes the delay in communications. If this technology is applied to an entry control system or ticket gate, it is much more convenient than conventional contactless cards because you do not even need to remove the access card from your pocket Fig. I have been able to have an improved system that works better than the existing system. When the transmission signal is strong, a stronger electric field is emitted around the body, reducing differentiation from other short-range wireless technologies. International journal of computer science technology Vol 2 issue 3.

The system uses ASP.

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They will also need to find partners to share in the cost of development. The association acts as a forum where they can receive information to help grow or Finance the university or support certain programs of the school. November 22, at 4: A prototype portable card reseagch and a receiver that can be built into environments such as doors or floors are shown in Fig.

Require the RedTacton security for all guns sold in the US. The red tacton project is a collaboration of relevant parties to investigate new mobile applications in the healthcare sector,data transmission,communication sectors. So, after getting the information we can get access to the college website just by a click on the college name.


Conclusion My conclusion is that there is an improvement in the efficiency of the oaper system as a result of its rexearch, which has enabled it to provide a friendly graphical user interface which proves to be better when compared to the existing system. The key component of the transceiver is an electric-field sensor implemented with an electrooptic crystal and laser light.

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Transmitter and receiver prototypes. Effects on human body is still under research. When an online application is developed, the issue of retrieving records would have been dealt with. I would say that the association exists by its name and not by its functions.

ieee research paper on redtacton

Radio swipe cards are much easier to manipulate than a RedTacton human swipe card. If needed, synthetic insulin has to be taken by pill or injected into the no to maintain the proper glucose levels. Anyone can access the search Engine to know about any Alumni of that college but cannot be able to add.

Common-mode noise suppressed by differential architecture. We can follow five steps in applying Red Tacton to the military: This information is hard to retrieve as it is very difficult to maintain historical data. Ultimately, Zimmerman stopped development of the technology in favor of other short-range wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi rwsearch Bluetooth [2]. This form is used by all users either alumni or non alumni to search for any particular person whose record are in the database of the application.

The BAN is worn by a patient and basically consists of a set of lightweight devices that monitor and redtactonn transmit ressarch bio signals vital signs to a BackEnd System. Red Tacton is a new Human Area networking technology that uses the surface of. As far as security applications are concerned, it could be disruptive because ieee is such a secure way to communicate.


Since the color red symbolizes the warmth of touch, we gave our technology the name RedTacton [3], [4]. After contract with another RedTacton enabled device, the transmitter one wears induces an electric field on the body.

RedTacton technology comes right in between wireless and wired connection. It detects the changes in the optical properties of an electrooptic crystal using a laser beam and converts the result into an electrical signal in a detector circuit.

These are the two enhancements that we could think of in the future and to those who still want to research on this area. To do this, we created iwee differential structure in the initial stage amplifier of the receiver and developed technology with a careful design from the receiver electrode to the positive input of the initial stage low-noise amplifier and from the ground electrode to the negative input terminal to achieve an equivalent differential structure.

ieee research paper on redtacton

Many big cities where life is busy needs many kind of transactions researc taking place within few minutes of time. System security, data security and reliability are the striking features.

Alumni associations are mainly organized around universities or departments of universities, but may also be organized among students that studied in reaearch certain country. The first step in trying to apply Red Tacton would be to develop a device that can be used to determine blood sugar level and display that information on an easy-to-read device to the patient.

He is a member of IEEE. Alumni associations can also include associations of former employees of a business.