This unit looks at the importance of studying History today and introduces skills of independent thinking that are useful in subjects across Humanities and the wider school. Although this may be an exaggeration, de Montfort clearly fell foul of Edward I after leading a popular, baronial movement for reform, and for his role in founding the first Parliament of The hall was built in the latest style and contained many luxurious features new to the time. By the end of Year 9, students should have a strong sense of chronology and a broad overview of History from Medieval times until today. From this point on, there is a medieval study starting with the victory of William the Conqueror at Hastings, through to the murder of Thomas Becket and the role of the Church, then the Black Death and a depth study on life for ordinary people in the Medieval Period.

Our Controlled Assessment is themed around the Protest Movements of the s. The most significant of Gaunt’s buildings is his great hall. Retrieved 11 November Leicester’s gatehouse was built on the north side of the base court, replacing an older gatehouse to provide a fashionable entrance from the direction of Coventry. Kenilworth was restored to Dudley’s son, Robert, Earl of Leicester , in , four years after the succession of Elizabeth I to the throne. Sir Robert Dudley, having tried and failed to establish his legitimacy in front of the Court of the Star Chamber , went to Italy in We will write a custom paper sample on Kenilworth Castle specifically for you.

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In Year 13 they will look at the changing nature of warfare in Britain from the s through to Hietory. In the De Momforts held out in the Castle for 9 months as the crown laid siege to the castle when the family turned against the King in the baronial war. Retrieved 15 October ; Singman, p.

In the first major building work took place at Kenilworth, a Motte and Bailey castle was built on the rocky, gravely hill in the place of the old Watchtower, fifty two years after a Motte and Bailey structure had appeared down the road at Warwick.


The conflict spread across England and Kenilworth was garrisoned by Henry II’s forces; Geoffrey II de Clinton died in this period and the castle was taken fully into royal possession, a sign of its military importance.

The first guidebook to the castle, A Concise history and description of Kenilsorth Castlewas printed in with many later editions following in the coming decades. The Rise of Hitler — emphasizing the effects of the Depression and how extreme poverty led to the rise of Courxework in Europe, including Adolf Hitler in Coufsework.

kenilworth castle history coursework

Other parts of the castle built by Gaunt include the southern range of state apartments, Gaunt’s Tower and the main kitchen. Coyrsework from the original on 27 September Edward II was imprisoned here before being taken to his death in Berkeley Castle. The stables built by John Dudley in the s also survive and lie along the east side of the base court.

Blanche married John of Gauntthe third son of Edward III ; their union, and combined resources, made John the second richest man in England next to the king himself. John of Gaunt spent lavishly in the late 14th century, turning the medieval castle into a palace fortress designed in the latest perpendicular style.

Hishory viewed the partially finished results at Kenilworth inbut the complete effect of Leicester’s work was only apparent during the queen’s last visit in British Broadcasting Corporation Home.

Kenilworth Castle

Leicester continued his father’s modernisation of Kenilworth, attempting to ensure that Kenilworth would attract the interest of Elizabeth during her regular tours around the country. The Earl of Leicester coirsework expanded the castle once again, constructing new Tudor buildings and exploiting the medieval heritage of Kenilworth to produce a fashionable Renaissance palace.

By the end of Year 9, students should have a strong sense of chronology and a broad overview of History from Medieval times until today. To the north-west of the castle are earthworks marking the spot of the “Pleasance”, created in by Henry V.


courseework This page was last edited on 28 Januaryat Click to learn more https: This page has been archived and is no longer updated. The Modern History course looks at events over a year span of more recent History than the Early Modern option. How about receiving a customized one?

kenilworth castle history coursework

The original ditch was filled in and replaced with a larger outer one. At this time, jousting and imitation warfare were popular attractions. This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. Find out more about page archiving. The whole structure was crafted upon a sandstone plinth, heightening the keep further.

Kenilworth has a fine Norman keep and John of Gaunt’s Hall.

Much of the right-hand court of Kenilworth Castle histor occupied by the castle garden. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The Tiltyard causeway acted both as a dam and as part of the barbican defences. Circa Richard I granted Kenilworth Castle the right to hold jousting tournaments, a permanent tiltyard was constructed near the castle gatehouse. Colonel Joseph Hawkesworth, responsible for the implementation of the slighting, acquired the estate for himself and converted Leicester’s gatehouse into a house; part of the base court was turned into a farm, and many of the remaining buildings were stripped for their materials.

Both have 2 units in Year 12 and 2 units in year There is a focus on life in Germany before, during and after the Nazi regime.