The study aimed at determining the prevalence of S. Mapping the literature production. Reflexivity is viewed as the explicit quest to limit researcher effects on the data by awareness of self, something seen as integral both to the process of data collection and the constant comparison method essential to grounded theory. Chronic disease is mainly caused by immunopathological reactions against schistosome eggs trapped in the intestines or liver for S. Examines the nature of the medium, the literature how others have wrestled with film music’s recalcitrant materials , and the present state of research into film music. Bibliographies of published studies were screened to find additional sources of data. Practical advice on frequently asked questions dealing with research and evaluation methodology is presented as rules of thumb, with citations to the author’s sources.

As well as propose a research agenda with new approaches for future studies within the relevant topic. Ann Trop Med Parasitol. The search excluded articles that reported on schistosomes that infect ruminant animals. No case of S. These studies represent multiple data sources and settings.

The first study reporting possible local transmission of schistosomiasis in Kinshasa was published inbased on a combination of malacological, clinical, biological and epidemiological investigations [ 17 ].

Schistosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a literature review

Schistosomiasis infection during childhood causes substantial growth retardation and anaemia and also causes structural abnormalities of the urinary tract. Totally cases were reported to be infected with outside schistosomiasisincluding cases of schistosomiasis haematobia It is widely agreed that a vaccine strategy wich could lead to the induction of effector mechanisms reducing the level of reinfection and ideally parasite fecundity would deeply affect the incidence of pathological manifestations as well as the parasite transmission potentialities.


WHO standardized tools for measurement of schistomiasis-related organ lesions [ 51 ], anaemia [ 5253 ] and stunting [ 54 ] should be applied in future studies, to overcome the subjectivity inherent to clinical measurements.

A recently developed technique of compressed organ autoradiography COA has contributed to assessing parasite attrition in immune animals following challenge infection. Tropical Med Int Health. However, little is known regarding unpublished or unindexed clinical research ‘grey literature ‘a potentially rich source of information.

The global status of schistosomiasis and its control. litearture

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Schistosomiasis is a common parasitic disease caused by worms belonging to the genus Schistosoma. Because of the need for additional information, the U. Extensive studies performed in the rat model have allowed the identification of novel effector mechanisms involving IgE antibodies and various inflammatory cell populations eosinophils, macrophages and platelets whereas regulation of immune response by blocking antibodies has been evidencial.

Except for studies conducted by Simoonga et al.

Schistosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a literature review

Given the distress schistosom by studies of infertile women, we focus in partic Urinary form is caused by S. Recently the WHO emphasized on the use of integrative approaches in the control and elimination of schistosomiasis. Concomitant prostatic schistosomiasis and sdenocarcinoma: A literature review Read Ghana Mubila L, Rollinson D. This will improve the design, implementation and monitoring of disease control measures.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

The ground temperature, ground humidity and vegetation index were calculated based on RS images. Indeed, launched in Octoberthis 4-year project funded by the European Commission made important contributions for sustainable schistosomiasis control in the selected African In total hwematobium were initially found matching the search criteria, which was filtered to 39 articles by applying specific exclusion criteria.


Furthermore, schistosomiasis is endemic in many parts of the country haematovium infection due to Schistosoma haematobium being more prevalent than that due to S.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

A key objective of the Action Plan is to identify key knowledge gaps. Albino Swiss mice were fed with a food association ingested usually by human populations in northeast Brazil. A background is given, relating to some historic documents, and then more recent research after is reviewed.

In the same area, the prevalence of Ascaris lumbricoides and hookworm was Usually, the lesions were asymptomatic. However, fuller explorations of the social and cultural context of infection have yet to be undertaken.

An electronic literature search via PubMed complemented by manual search of non-peer-reviewed articles was conducted up to January In conclusion, significant research is published in the Chinese literaturewhich is relevant for local control measures and global scientific knowledge.

Currently, the main control strategy against schistosomiasis is regular population-based anthelminthic treatment with praziquantel PZQaiming at reducing current infection and preventing the development of severe disease in literaturr risk groups predominantly school-age children [ 12 ].

Schistosomiasis in Zambia: a systematic review of past and present experiences

Schistosomiasis-An Unusual cause of Ureteral obstruction: Many calcified eggs were seen within the mucin pools Fig. In Brazil, praziquantel was equally effective when compared with oxamniquine in individuals older than 14 years OR 1.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

A rapid one-step method of EIA for detection of circulating antigen of Schistosoma japonicum.