I feel as though people still go along with these processes and procedures because the media in our society forces it upon us. It happened then and it still happens today. Comment on another classmate’s post to either add to his ideas or intelligently and politely refute his logic. The quotation enables to the reader to understand the irony of what he was doing. Malcomn talks about that conking was a disrespect toward his race but today people do it to manage their hair. I feel through this essay he was able to describe the steps of getting a conk.

Minorites use relaxers and hair straighteners with their unmanageable curly hair. Might another form have been more effective? If I had to mention anything it would be how some people within the African American society takes little interest in voting during Election Day. I feel as though you are given your image and you should not try to change it. But maybe in fact old age members might still use those techniques but our generation now has simply adapted to better, more efficient and less painful ways. If someone wanted to do conk their hair like him they had enough information on how to do it.

This would better fit the argument he makes to tell his african american people that they shouldnt change there hair to make them look white and that they should be proud with the hair they were born with.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

It is still an issue amongst black men and women, some who like Malcolm X, regard it as a practice of self hate, and others who believe it to be just another beautification process.

The Firzt of Malcolm X was published inwhen many African Americans regularly straightened their hair.

English Composition 1: My First Conk

I believe he writes this section as a process explanation to make it more personal and he is able to give his feelings at the time of the process and after the process by writing it this way. Botox, plastic surgery, and intense crazy diets should not be stressed over and forced upon. I feel that the thesis statement that was made in this piece is still relevant today. Malcolm connects conking with shaming.


If they were going to a party i would understand why they do it, but if they had curly hair to begin with they shouldnt be ashamed of it and try to make there hair straight just because a couple of there friends have straight hair or just because there friends tell them other wise.

Even in the word Conk compared to today’s term for straigthening hair Relaxer. I do think that his point of view is relevant today. Malcolm references to pain and discomfort throughtout the text, because of what he went throught to get his hair strightned.

On the surface it has less to do with race, but is still a valid point. People feel like they have to have what others have and better.

Thesis statement my first conk malcolm x

Yes the thesis of this expert is still relevant today. If someone yhesis to do conk their hair like him they had enough information on how to do it.

For example he mentioned in the text that the jar was hot after stirring all of the ingredients together, which then led to his scalp burning and itching.

malcolm x my first conk thesis statement

Because I see every race going to do drastic cosmetic changes to their hair. Relaxer in todays world does not hurt at all. It was more like a real life story telling, where stafement his time many of his audience might have had a connection with him and his story.

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I completely agree with this statement and it definitely has an impact on every group in our society. Starving once self or forcing them self to throw up after eating or when they just feel fat, because some girl in a magazine is ky thin is stupid.

That somewhat relates to the pain that African Americans went through in terms of being accepted in a society that looked down upon them for just being different. It was only until recently that I embraced my own culture, started studying Spanish, listening to Spanish music.


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I feel through this essay he was able to describe the steps of getting a conk. Summarize the model argumentative essay money cant buy happiness new colonialism you are required firzt submit make this sheet paid for. So yes i believe the thesis of the excerpt I read is still relevant. I was, for a very long while, a self-hating Hispanic. One of the essay questions has been shared on twitter: Malcolm X 1st tells his experience of when he has his 1st conk, in this part he describes of statemsnt painful his experience was.

Our society now has involved and constructed many hair styles.

My First Conk from Malcolm X – Essay Example

His essay concludes many well details and you can actually imagine the pain people felt while trying to straighten out their hair. They know its not okay and its degrading to their own image but they still want to be followers. Comparing hot lye to a Salon where your hair is treated different like washing and new hair products and technology as well has improved straitening hair.

Essays on example essay stpm acid rain for students to reference for free article makes reference cobk a particular externality caused by the air pollution in the.

The references to pain and discomfort are a rhetorical tactic to illustrate the irony of conking. Also by using a process form he was able to keep everything in order, less confusing and give better detail were it was needed.