An intercultural training and explanation of advantages of cultural diversity will help to solve this issue. Analysis 7 5. Buying for your team? You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users. Click here to sign up. For complaints, use another form.

Wallach stressed on gaining of additional perspectives in order to be able to come to an agreement. It is the values, symbols, interpretations, and perspectives that distinguish one people from another in modernized societies; it is not material objects and other tangible aspects of human societies. And maybe it was their global thinking that hindered the merger from becoming a reality. Upload document Create flashcards. As said, both companies were successful with their own strategy, which means that they regard their own solutions as the only way to success and as the best solution ever and want to stick with it.

oil and wasser hbr case study and commentary

To download this product after your purchase, simply sign-in to www. Managers have developed social and communication skills and high emotional intelligence, no tertiary education is required. With my experience I can say that they are wrong.

Case Study: Oil and Wasser

Chapter Four Learning Objectives. In contrast to Royal Biscuit Company, the German company of Eideling GmbH had glorious a year-old history and was known to be one Germany’s most iconic brands. The essence of a culture is not its artifacts, tools, or other tangible cultural elements but how the members of the group interpret, use, and perceive them.

The cultural newsletter gives ad companies a cheap chance to talk to all employees and keep them informed about the merger and about the secrets of the Germans and English. To address the cultural issues of the two managers, it is recommended to look to the following points: No party is ready to leave all their successful strategies and procedures behind and adapt to the other one.


Royal Edeling did some things horribly wrong. Register as a Premium Educator at hbsp. Gyllenhammar, the combination of business issues and political concerns complicated the merge.

He should then delegate necessary powers to these snd to help them draw short term operating goals and plans to achieve the same.

oil and wasser hbr case study and commentary

Eideling GmbH focuses more on teamwork between the employees and managers are expected to multifunction. Thus, with the help of the HR Managers the selection of the right managers will take place and the merger process will be a triumph. English and German Approach to Business The approaches mentioned below are my conclusions based on a broad research on the internet and on the case study material.

Whereas Germans are very process oriented.

Oil and Wasser (HBR Case Study and Commentary)

The worst issue due to the cultural differences is the single-mindedness of both parties. Buying for your team? This ane paves its way to be working with different nationalities across the globe.

The CEO of Royal Biscuit, Sir Callaghan, displays open threats to the managers because they do not meet his expectations but he fails to provide them with hints and tips about intercultural communication and conflict stusy. It is necessary for stkdy managers regardless the management level to have a basic training in intercultural issues.

To study wasseg about volume discounts for organizations and license opportunities for consultants, contact Lindsey. How can you compare apples with bananas? As said above, the CEOs see the global vision and do not accept or see the fact that their employees might have difficulties with finding a harmony between the two different cultures.


It is still a family owned company which keeps a very humble profile, considered to be one of the largest food consumer companies in the world, the company pays attention in numerous fields when it comes to employment and cultivate its leadership for future generations.

Case Study: Oil and Wasser

Know the strengths and weaknesses of the two different cultures and come up with more precise criteria in choosing the right managers, developing leadership programs and organizational structure. But after three months of planning no real decision was made and the programme proposals were unsatisfactory.

Summaries and excerpts of the latest books, special offers, and more from Harvard Business Review Press. This waseer is complicated and takes a lot of time into account but it is a fair-play that enhances an improvement of the competitive advantage. For doing so, the CEO, can make use of both HR managers — Brighton and Wallach — by bringing them together, since they are the best person to know their own side.

Germans are very straightforward in talking and work style. There would be additional employees who can share their ideas that can help the company excel. There were doubts whether that the French and Swedes could get along with each other. Conclusion 10 6. It will be assumed that they went to the 1-day-training on intercultural communication.