Only administrators and moderators can reply. D “Most people your age have some health problem to cope with. Mechanical ventilation is not needed, but Kat’s healthcare provider prescribes a transfer to the critical care unit where Kat can be more closely monitored for the next 24 hours. A Discontinued use of estrogen therapy 4 years ago, 8 years after a hysterectomy. D “Participating in sports activities often helps the bones become stronger and denser. Kat states, “Is that really necessary?

A Recent death of her husband of 30 years. The nurse instructs Kat to select a specific day of the week when she can take the medication first thing in the morning. Solved Some studies ask people to compare their “past self” with their “present self. C Sleep pattern disturbance. A Record her grip strengths.

C “I am sure your daughter caze glad to be able to help you. Top Posters Since Sunday 41 38 22 13 9 9 9 8 8 8 8 8. B Initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Does anyone know the answers to evolve case studies, “osteoporosis”

This should be conducted in a private setting to maintain the nurse’s right to privacy. C Have you experienced any infections recently? D Propantheline Pro-Banthinean anticholinergic, administered during the acute exacerbation.

The house supervisor notifies the orthopedic unit charge nurse that no beds are available in the critical care unit and there are no clients stable enough to be transferred out of the critical care unit.


Are vaccines safe for children?

Kat states, “Is that really necessary? What is the priority nursing action? C Twenty cheese-flavored crackers. C “By taking 3 quiizlet your calcium tablets each day you will receive adequate amounts of calcium for your needs.

osteoporosis hesi case study answers quizlet

During her next visit to her healthcare provider, she receives a prescription for daily subcutaneous injections of teriparatide Fortecoparathyroid hormone, to treat her osteoporosis. INCORRECT A graduate nurse serving an internship does not have the expertise to be assigned independently in a situation where no other critical care nurses are available.

Kat and the nurse discuss the need for adequate calcium intake. A Request that a social worker meet with the client to arrange drug abuse counseling. However, the nurse needs to explain the rationale for taking the medication in the morning.

Additional risk factors include being female and of Caucasian or Asian ethnicity. Solved Some studies ask people to compare their “past self” with their “present self. B A cup of fruit-flavored yogurt. Describe what the best kind of competitive advantage to have is. A The nurse also discusses the adverse effects of the medication. However, osteopenia often leads to osteoporosis.


Case Study Answers Osteoporosis.

D Has occasionally taken ibuprofen Motrin for lower back pain for the last 2 years. D Ask the client if she has discussed this symptom with her healthcare provider. Are vaccines safe for children? Book covers, title and author names appear for reference only.

D Administer an analgesic. Human Anatomy and Physiology – [High] [3 weeks ago]. C Prednisone Deltasonea corticosteroid, taken during the acute exacerbation and for several months following. Explore Post your homework questions and get free online help from our incredible volunteers. X-ray reveals a pelvic fracture, and Kat is transferred to the orthopedic unit for fracture management.

osteoporosis hesi case study answers quizlet

A “It sounds as if your long walks provide plenty of weight-bearing exercise. Post your homework questions and get free online help from our incredible volunteers. A Apply oxygen via mask. A Diphenoxylate Lomotilan antidiarrheal, taken prior to the acute exacerbation for occasional episodes of diarrhea.