Next steps Before you submit your application form, make sure you proofread it more than once. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. The modules on offer vary slightly between providers, so it is worth researching these as it may well be a deciding factor in your application. The second step is actually surviving it. No BPTC place is set in stone.

If you receive an offer, you will be given a deadline by which you must have accepted. The online application process for the BPTC will strike you as a familiar beast. They will conduct an initial paper sift and invite a number of applicants to the assessment day in February or March ; from this they will ascertain whether or not applicants have a real chance of successfully obtaining pupillage. Your application form will be released to your top three ranked providers the day after applications close 11 January , who will then begin to sift through them in order to make decisions on who should be made offers. Topics Studying law How to write a personal statement. How to be a Memorable Intern To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to know a little about everything, having your fingerprints on every business activity,….

Living with families for the majority of the tour allowed me to understand their values and society.

personal statement for bptc application

It personao worth considering this before applying and most provider websites should give an indication of the likely fees or at the least give the fees charged this year. I see university as a way for me to learn the processes of law required for persoonal a position and to help me grow as an individual.

This may be equally applicable for those who want to practice in other regions. No BPTC place is set in stone. I have a part-time job at a busy local restaurant, where I have worked for applicatkon two years in a lively kitchen. Exclusive email insights, unmissable members-only careers events as well as insider tips.


As mentioned above, it may simply help to demonstrate a link to the region in which you are applying. They need to demonstrate a utilitarian purpose for their law degree once they have graduated.

To find out more about the universities and courses appllication can apply to, head over to our LLB Course directory. Then develop the narrative that supports the personal qualities we are looking for.

Example law personal statement

Providers will most likely be looking for, amongst other things, how much legal work experience you have had so far to gauge your dedication to the course and your understanding of a career at the Bar. I assist students in the lower years with their school work, prevent any issues that may arise between class hours and contribute regularly to events held at school.

And finally… Good luck! Where a provider has multiple locations, the course taught at each location will be identical. So, you’re set on course with your scholarship to fund your BPTC and have a conditional offer for a course place. Do not lie or stretch the truth — you are asked to prove your grades and other details further along in the process and lying here could certainly put an end to any prospective career at the Bar not just your application for the course.

BPTC application process | AllAboutLaw

Alongside these off-putting figures, once you have completed the course you only have five bpyc to obtain pupillage before your BPTC qualification essentially expires.

You can check out the Bar Standards Board website for more xpplication and to apply. You will be on your feet and practising your speaking a lotwith many providers using video equipment to record your sessions in order to give you the best chance of assessing your own performance and improving over the year.


personal statement for bptc application

It needs to be animated, energetic, interesting. The first step is getting onto the BPTC. The application process is essentially one large form which you petsonal out in individual sections online:. Even if it is playing for a sports team at the school or college, or working in the local supermarket. In that same year, only people began pupillage.

Every word has to count. This has considerably improved my interpersonal skillsas I am required to interact with personnel of all ages, whether younger students or visitors to the school. Below 60 per cent is classed as Not Competent — a fail.

By default only necessary cookies will be used. The modules on offer vary slightly between providers, so it is worth researching these as it may well be a deciding factor in your application.

Law Personal Statement

I have recently been awarded senior school colours, which adds to my previously awarded junior school colours for commitment to school rugby throughout my school career.

The Basics 6th November 0.

The process then follows a first round and clearing period drill: As a general rule, the London providers tend to be more expensive than those elsewhere and xtatement costs also tend to be higher. We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. You will also be learning all the requirements, rules and guidelines for the processes and paperwork that appliccation will come across throughout your career as a barrister.

I see lots of things in personal statements that are completely irrelevant for the qualities you need for a law degree.

personal statement for bptc application