What is the maximum speed you would calculate for this block, based on these error limits? I am taking my time grading everything. A ski, starting from rest, slides down a What is the linear speed of a point on the edge of Wheel 1 when it rotates at The two masses are attached together by a string in which the tension is T.

If you were in a satellite orbiting the earth, how might you cope with walking, drinking, or putting a pen on a table? What will be the total kinetic energy of this system before the collision? Give several examples of an object’s motion in which a great distance is traveled but the displacement is zero? What will be the kinetic energy of this system when the mass is at the highest point? A second string is tied to the first string at a point. How much upward force would be required to keep this system at translational equilibrium?

physics homework #63 angular acceleration

What must the average speed of the car be during the second two hours in order to arrive at its destination on time? A baseball, which has a mass of 0. What minimum force is needed to lift wcceleration box? What will be the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on this ball?


What will be the velocity of this airplane as measured by an observer on the ground? The boat is traveling at 6.


The driver then hits the brakes and reduces the speed of the car to Studies show that making more than two rpm’s causes dizziness and nausea. Can the velocity of an object be zero at the same instant its acceleration is not zero? #3 long after firing the paint ball will it hit the ground?

What was the centrifuge’s angular acceleration?

physics homework #63 angular acceleration

We will have inquiry labs next time. HW is to complete vector handout as well as textbook problems. For each of the following, complete the free body diagram showing all of the forces acting on the mass M.

Assuming that you weigh lb and you are going to “walk the plank”, how far beyond the edge of the building will you be pphysics you fall to your death on the pavement feet below?

physics homework #63 angular acceleration

An antique grinding wheel rotating at A car, which has a mass of kg. If the coefficient of static friction between the feet of the sofa physicw the bed of the truck is 0.

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How do the maximum b error and the minimum d errors compare? Was this collision elastic or inelastic? How much work will be done in pushing the crate to the top of the incline? Estimate the instantaneous velocity at 30 s? Homedork following set of measurements were made: Car A has twice the mass of car B, but only half as much KE. What about the speedometer?


If J of energy are released during the explosion, how much kinetic energy did each piece acquire? Whiplash sometimes results from an automobile accident when the victim’s car is struck violently from the rear. How far apart are the stones when xcceleration second one has reached a speed of With what minimum velocity should this rocket be launched from Neptune’s surface in order to go into orbit around Neptune at the given altitude?

Physics homework #63 angular acceleration

The mass is then released and is allowed to slide along the horizontal, frictionless surface. Why are the answers to parts d. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the ski and the snow is 0. People sometimes ask, phtsics keeps a satellite up in its orbit around the earth? A child pulls on the handle of a What will be the skateboarder’s speed after