Understand how these forms of bit representation are used in modern technology. Ask students what they learned: Point out that some computers have more than one processor and an algorithm can be written to do 2 or more processes in parallel. Using a single light switch, how can you represent the value 0? Measure Area Mid-Chapter Checkpoint.

Students will understand that the page rank algorithm depends on many factors, has changed over time, and has a large impact on the traffic that a site gets. Students describe ways that greater speed, detail and precision in processing information is possible because of computation. They develop fluency with efficient procedures formultiplying whole numbers; understand and explain why the procedures work based on place value and properties of operations; and use them to solveproblems. Students will study types of cyber attacks and the vulnerabilities they exploit, and identify the roles of software, hardware, people, and the Internet. They will take the remaining 25 minutes to:.

Keep a tally of how many times you repeated the process. Part 3 – Game Activity with Student Algorithms 15 min Students should use their new algorithm to play against each other.

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Students describe and analyze shapes by examining their sides and angles. They will then share their findings with the class. Session 1 Getting Started 5 min – Journal The purpose of this session is to make students think about the different ways in which they as individuals use computers and the Internet to communicate.


Show the various combinations. After Activity D, Have students compare results with their elbow partners.

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However, teachers may not require selection of ldsson topics for students. The group with the most points, when all notes have been posted, chooses the poster they want to work on.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

See Teacher Resources for online tools that can be used to create concept maps. Multistep within ; identify whole numbers as prime or Division Problems composite 4. Students read commandments and individually identify the two they think are most frequently violated.

Problem Solving – Model Addition. Give the students the practice problem from Independent Activity 1 below. If this was done in the practice task, then questions addressed in this session may be assigned as homework, with elaapsed using the first day to do preliminary research.

Respond to each of the student’s questions posted on the board. How can computing extend traditional forms of human expression and experience?

They will pair off to discuss their answers, then share their findings with the class. This is the first day of a two-session lesson sequence with topics covered by mini-lectures, explorations, and practice exercises.

Be careful not to make any student feel awkward for lack of a home computer they are allowed to install softare on. How does redundancy of routers contribute to Internet fault tolerance? The algorithm is the set of steps that you follow to accomplish the encryption.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Have students discuss with their partner the answers to the pre-reading questions from Blown To Bits Chapter 1 see Questions to Consider in Teacher Resources. They are welcome to use online sources for pictures or create their own.


Ask them questions about how the innovation works, how it has affected the way they live the ways in which they play or work. Create your own flipbook. Be sure to assign roles to pairs when working together. To provide a foundation in place value for Chapter 1, you are expected to start your scope and sequence on the first day of school.

Students describe, analyze, compare, and classify two-dimensional shapes. Each routers contains a configuration table with information that it can use to send packets to the correct location. Over the two sessions, students will assess their current uses of computers for communication.

problem solving elapsed time lesson 12.9

Is this an invasion of your privacy? They will work through a set of guided notes and slides, and, then, be released to explore Python through an independent or paired exercise. How does computing enhance human communication, interaction, and cognition?

The slides for the guided exploration of search methods were adapted from slides provided by Marie desJardins at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County.