Firstly, the wording of this letter should be taken into account. Language – While posting content, we must use simple and easy to understand language. The example given with a parent coming back after a long absence can also analysed in terms of sex differences. The underlying study of rhesus monkeys states that firstborn infant monkeys produce twice as much of the hormone cortisol as their siblings when this evidence of eighteen monkeys is unwarranted. In my opinion, the sample size of the monkeys 18 Rhesus is not large enough to come to this conclusion. Firstborn humans also produce relatively high levels of cortisol in stimulating situations such as the return of a parent after an absence.

Marketing – You should not promote yourself in your answers by giving contact details. Perhaps, a mother could have read slushy stories to her first-born, while a father could have read stories about valiant and almost unemotional knights to his younger children. To prevent automated posts the board requires you to enter a confirmation code. The above findings also state that first time mother monkeys have a higher level of cortisol as compared to those who have had several off-springs. It may not be true that all the monkeys display similar results for different stimulating situations.

This argument does not give a clear picture as to what constituted the eighteen samples and factors that have been considered in selecting the sample.

rhesus monkeys gre essay

In fact, cortisol is specifically created to respond and rhesuus reduce stress in the body. So it would be good to cite the source of the information and also the interesting result you are talking about. Practice Pays we will pick new questions that match your level based on your Timer History. The study also found that during pregnancy, first-time mother monkeys had higher levels of cortisol than did those who had had several offspring.


It is not mentioned in the argument that Humans and ge possess similar hormonal reactions to the stimulus. There are however some grammatical errors and minor errors in your logic which can take away some value out of your response. Also the readings of the cortisol levels need to be mentioned and other reasons for this occurrence must be investigated before priming this statement appropriate.

rhesus monkeys gre essay

It is possible that the increase in cortisol level among the monkeys can be accounted for some other factors as well such as environment conditions, their age, etc. The argument posits that a study of eighteen monkeys has found an increased level of Cortisol. The study showed that in stimulating situations such as an encounter with an unfamiliar monkeyfirstborn infant monkeys produce up to twice as much of the hormone cortisol, which primes the body for increased activity levels, as do their younger siblings.

The higher level of cortisol could have been caused by conditions in which the monkey was kept or the type of food which was given to her. In doing so, the author fails to consider research in other fields. Which Course ggre right for you?

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Perhaps, this could be one reason why first born monkeys produce more cortisol in such situations. However, the same observation may not hold true for rhesus monkeys belonging to Africa where climatic conditions differ vastly and where the cortisol levels in general are found to be higher and fluctuating frequently in response to climatic changes. Admitted – Which School to Choose? Section Officer Commercial Audit. Examining all the various angles and factors involved in relation with the above research,it is quite evident that there is a lot of scope for improvement in this letter and that it is monleys to cut ice with the editor of the concerned journal.


This may be possible but based on the given information, but it does not mean that the same is true in case of humans. In the second case, mothers who had had several offspring could have learned how to control hormone cortisol with their firstborn child.

Moreover the study should be conducted with more variables such as other species of monkeys; rhessus primates such as orangutans, gorillas etc; under many more stimulating situations to fully ascertain this conclusion.

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The conclusion was based on a sample size of eighteen monkeys. Fill in your details below or click an icon to monoeys in: He certainly needs to clarify his underlying assumptions and some wording he uses.

We have subscribed you to Daily Prep Questions via email. Essat posts from previous: Consequently, the studies on such sample should not be generalised to the whole population of monkeys. Wednesday, 20 August GRE analytical wirting – analyze an argument: In conclusion, there are many flaws in the reasoning presented in the letter. Sign Up via Google.