No comments Leave a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I read it over and over again. A few weeks before the end of the semester in January, my teacher informed me that I had a failing grade in the class and that I had the option to switch to regular European History instead of staying in AP. Rather, he should feel motivated, enthusiast, and be absorbed in whatever he does.

After you asked, I posted what I am interested do my research on. For the first time in my life, I started slipping behind. This past year, we designed a single “Meliora” extra Rochester essay, and o ne of the applicants struck me with a cogent description of why he was applying: But alas to my disappointment our Physics course had very limited readings on the high school Physics course offered limited knowledge on this subject Astronomy! Even so, I was a thousand times more amazed and proud of myself.

I believe Meliora experience would help me quench this Astronomical thirst of mine. This past year, we designed a single “Meliora” extra Rochester essay, and o ne of the applicants struck me with a cogent description of why he was applying: No comments Leave a comment. I was so fascinated by the facts I found there on It was stuffed with so much knowledge on cosmological aspects and happenings that I finished reading it as fast as I could.

rochester meliora essay

We consistently strive to reach further, embrace rigor and hard work, and take the lead in matters of the mind and heart. Meliora is a shared value and a way of life that has set us apart as an educational community since our founding in Meliora pushes us to think critically and analytically.



MELIORA essay of Rochester. Meliora: ”Ever better” – The University’s motto

I didn’t know that this would be a life changing reading for me. I was so busy with other work that I couldn’t visit here and see update. The applicant you have discussed above and I share same kind of opinion in regards of the “open-curriculum” rochestfr adopted by the university.

rochester meliora essay

We continually strive to build on our distinctive strengths—from science and engineering to the humanities, health care, the social sciences, education, business, and music—and seek new solutions that advance the Rochester experience and benefit humankind. Stay in Touch Contact Us F.

From then I kept searching on the internet and kept reading what ever I found interesting, expanding expanded the circumference of my knowledge sphere.

It was stuffed with so much knowledge on celestial objects and happenings that I feltalthough my course didn’t have enough astronomy topics I had gained enough knowledge through outside reading.

I hope to come out of Rochester a passionate scientist. My hand would hurt tremendously after that class period because of all the notes I scribbled down as the teacher raced through his PowerPoints where every slide seemed to contain pertinent information we would need for the AP test.

That one I haven’t been done fitting in the 1, characters limit.

Meliora: Ever Better

Hi, Sorry about my delayed response: University of Rochester has proved to be exemplary in this issue, and being an advocate of “creative pursuit of education”, I really think University of Rochester is a top priority college esday me.

Burdick, Richester really appreciate the efforts of the entire university team in making things possible. Later I discovered that even that wasn’t enough because all there was that were in the book, was just the basics of a Astronomy and to keep myself improving in this subject I had to do further reading.


Thanks for the editing. I hope an incident like this will never happen again, but if it does, I will know I can pull myself through it. That is the Meliora experience of my life.

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Miraculously, a light still shone through the darkness. Latest Comment Aashwin Basnet The applicant you have discussed above and I share same kind of opinion in regards of the “open-curriculum” policy adopted…. rochestet

Describe the actions you took and the result. After all, learning should never be a burdensome task.

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I also have a passion for sciences and theological literature…. I seriously considered this option. Melioar archives for April 25 When I see our next class arriving full of meoiora with this shared idea about milking more than one of their academic opportunities—an idea that isn’t on average shared by all students elsewhere—I feel lucky that I’m here, and no matter what the polar vortex does next year, I find it hard to imagine being anywhere else.

The familiar sense of motivation to just DO it returned. That’s taking our unique open curriculum and applying it to your own life. Learn how your comment data is processed.