I work at a skilled nursing facility SNF , so some of this will relate to that setting, but most of the information is more general in nature. This one was a lunch interview with all the therapists. My biggest advice for immediately after you accept a job is to apply for your state licensure as soon as you can. SLPs are hired by schools, speech therapists, hospitals, and residential care facilities. By the time they got back to me about a month and a half later , I had already accepted the job I have now. Home About Me Booklist Recipes. Enjoys interdisciplinary training and sharing.

Thanks so much, your help will be much appreciated! It was actually kind of nice having time off. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I found your questions to ask during the interview extremely helpful. What are the typical hours? I was going crazy sorting through jobs come the end of March and beginning of April. If you have the time, I would really appreciate any interview questions that you remember that you were asked during the SNF interviews.

Long, Drawn out, Direct Hire Interview. Time efficient and effective. Do you have a CFY mentor available for me? I was going crazy sorting through jobs come the end of March and beginning of April. What do you feel is the biggest benefit for working for your company? Thanks for the cf list of interview questions.


slp cfy cover letter

Well next Wednesday rolls around, ldtter I get a text from a friend from my program who I knew was also applying for the job asking me what I wore. I graduate in August and your article helped me relax about my current job search. Home based early intervention speech and language services for families on the South Shore. I was hired through a staffing vfy. There is usually some time frame to accept the offer.

slp cfy cover letter

I always here about the CFY and do as much research as possible, but I am confused as to whether you need it before you get licensed and can practice. I found the employee interview questions particularly helpful. June 14, at 9: This post will be so helpful! April 3, at 7: Filed under SLPUncategorized.

The most important thing I did for interviews was make a list of questions for employers. It makes people very uncomfortable. They always had wonderful opportunities available halfway across the country. I waited until after I graduated to apply and that was unnecessary.

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July 7, at 9: I used many of your questions when interviewing for my CFY position and they lftter so helpful! I was looking for the exact advice you gave above! Ok, so as graduation starts getting closer and closer you can really kick the job search into high gear.

I wanted a job along the Gulf Coast, preferably in my home town. Your Cover Letter, Made Easy. To share my own experience, I had two interviews for different SNFs on the same day. You can be taught to do the job exactly how they want it done. April 3, at 8: I already had a good idea of who I wanted to use as my references, but you need to start thinking about it early on.


As for questions all the interviewers asked me, they were pretty straightforward. Make a list and keep it handy for later.

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January 23, at 4: Typical work activities of a Speech Language Pathologist are assessing patient difficulties, asking patients to complete vocalizing tasks, proposing treatment options, creating treatment plans, showing patients how to improve their voices, helping patients to strengthen the muscles used to swallow, providing support to patient families, and showing them how to deal with communication issues.

I know now that I can cool my jets a bit, thanks to you! What type of support will be available to me as a CFY?