By Axle Christien J. Ateneo de Manila University, Cambridge University Press, Women Workers and Global Restructuring. De La Salle University, General contact details of provider:

Blim, Michael Lawrence, and Gianluca Goffi. Specifically, former First Lady Imelda Marcos attempted to promote Marikina shoes in the international arena—citing superior craftsmanship and design. Unpublished Material, Marikina City: Diamel, Omar Hussein M. General contact details of provider: Any misinformation or errors in this work are solely mine.

Central Colleges of the Philippines, Indeed, facilitating the transfer of government funds to aspiring entrepreneurs and shoe manufacturers can help address the multitude of problems and issues that the industry confronts at present, particularly in acquiring updated tools of production that will make the products more sjoes and competitive. Hemp and Material Life in the Colonial Philippines.

Globalisation and artisan labour in the Third World. Historical and Ethnographic Viewpoints 56, no. University of Minnesota Press, Demonstrating this here intends to inform theoretical ideas relevant to discourses on work, culture and urban theory.

The shoe industry of Marikina City, Philippines: a developing country cluster in crisis

Help us Corrections Found an error or omission? Current Opportunities and Prospects Despite the problems and issues confronting the Marikina shoe industry, the future still remains bright. University of the Philippines Manila, The research questions and objectives of this study are a means to dialogue with such broad base of conceptual aggregates.


University of the Philippines, Diliman, First, are about greetings coming marikina the researchers so that the respondents would formally shoe the marikina thseis the importance of this to the researchers and to them as respondents, as well as the profile of the theses which includes data on gender, age, civil status, applying critical thinking, ethnicity and education. Some Ethnographic Data and Observations.

(DOC) The Marikina Shoe Industry | Jen Mendoza –

It consists of five full-time private sector representatives Pages: July 4, Jun, sapatero. An Introduction to Supplement 9. Carmelo and Bauermann Inc. Chronicle of a Home-Based Workshop. Journal of the Ugnayang Pang- aghamtao, Inc. Baracat, Elias, and Julio Nogues.

thesis about marikina shoes

Alix, Patricia Rosario E. National Commission for the Culture and Arts.

The shoe industry of Marikina City, Philippines: a developing country cluster in crisis

It also allows you to accept potential citations to this item that we are uncertain about. Some local terms on footwear-making in Marikina. Women, Men and the International Division of Labor.


thesis about marikina shoes

There has been no identified target markets and product categories implemented industry-wide. Trade liberalization in the Marikina Shoe industry and its shoemakers.

thesis about marikina shoes

This way, the industry is ensured with a steady supply of orders and clients. Actual operations started on January 3,at Intramuros, Manila. A developing-country cluster in crisis Current debates in urban theory View project.

The Tobacco Monopoly in the Philippines: University of Santo Tomas, Some Anthropological Reflections on Symbolic Power. Metropolitan Vulnerability, Local Resilience.