Your supervisor signs you up to thesisforum[a]arcada. The document Good Scientific Practice in Studies at Arcada presents good scientific practice that all students must conform to and the consequences of violation. The user is not allowed to subsequently change the information stored with the submission. This involves a reasoned justification of choices made in carrying out the work. Below the text write some key words; relevant words that provide a hint on what the thesis is about.

The thesis supervisor is responsible for the check of the thesis in Urkund. The scope of the thesis corresponds to 15 ECTS credits of independent work. The aim of the maturity test is to show mastery of your research topic as well as your linguistic maturity. The Ethical Committee at Arcada ETIX The purpose of the Ethical committee is to verify that empirical degree theses and projects fulfil the ethical requirements of research in their initial phase. The thesis can be a report of a literature study, a qualitative study based on for example interviews or an evaluation of an intervention.

If such an application form is not available, a free-form application is written to the person who is responsible in the organisation. Theseus is an electronic library that offers the possibility to access theses and publications of the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The time scheduled for each presentation is max.

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Remember that the thesis is published electronically and becomes a visible business card for you! Other tools Back Office Work, edit and store files online.


thesis forum arcada

Outlook Your Arcada email. The plan shall be sent to etix[a]arcada. The production and the report are evaluated as a whole. A degree thesis is considered to be commissioned if there is a written agreement about at least one of the following:. Read more on commissioned degree thesis.

thesis forum arcada

This is to be done no later than Friday the week before the next meeting. Guidelines for writing a thesis Sudan Medical Specialization Board. Arcada provides the license.

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Congrats sista on defending your senior Psychology thesis thewis proud sista senior. Here are the commission agreements, in English, Swedish and Finnish: You can also reach IT-support at their dropin.

Green purchase intention thesis. When the work is done, the student will submit the work to the supervisor for evaluation within the agreed time. See the library page IT-support Back Wifi instructions Email to your phone Office info Make your life easier and utilize these guides. It can constitute a part of a larger research work or project so that cooperation both within and between institutions can be deepened and developed.

thesis forum arcada

If the maturity test is taken in a language other than Finnish or Swedish, the maturity test is reviewed solely on the basis of the content. Apply for weekend access to the Arcada building. The thesis will be saved in Arcada’s intranet. Reserve a locker Weekend access Do you need to get work done in the weekend? Your work will be visible online once the library staff and Study Service have checked that the information related to your thesis is correct.


At the same time an assessor second reviwer of the thesis is designated. Studieguide arcada fi Magazines. It is possible to read it electronically without logging in only on the library’s computers. The associated description of file is available here in Swedish. Template for Degree Thesis can be found here.

Arcada thesis essay services toronto Richmond Virginia Digital literacies Arcada Get inspired and earn credits. Artistic work such as a film or equivalent, where the thesis consists of a production and a report that describes the professional considerations and choices the student has made during the creative process.

Decide upon a suitable date and time for your TF presentation with your supervisor check the TF-timetable. The evaluation of the thesis is done by the assessor along with the supervisor. In addition, the student sends a pdf-file of the approved thesis to the address: