A chapter must be divided into sections. Di samping itu, penggunaan carian tempatan dalam MGA untuk menambah baik algorithma tersebut dicadang dan dikaji, dinamai sebagai algoritma memetic MA. A title must be given and it should reflect its content. The list should be placed at the end of the thesis, a listing of sources actually cited, compiled either alphabetically Harvard System or numerically Number System. Kesan penggunaan gabungan operator MGA yang berbeza ke atas prestasi model yang terbentuk dikaji dan keberkesanan serta kekurangan MGA diutarakan.

For illustrations other than above, please refer to the following guidelines; i Photographs Photographs should be digitally embedded in the text unless absolutely impossible. If the caption is written more than one line, it should be align to the left. Tongued And Grooved Software Flooring. The abstract should be brief, written in one paragraph and not exceed words. Not more than 15 words. Nama Penyelia Lain jika ada:

The main purpose of implementing digital thesis is to enable theses submitted to UTM be accessible through the Internet. They are listed in the following order: Retrieved on March 7,from fttp: Name of newspaper, Retrieved date, year, from URL address of the newspaper.

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It should states the field of study, problem definition, methodology adopted, research process, results obtained and conclusion of the research. Retrieved on date, year, from URL address of the patent database.


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Example of a List of References using author and year system is shown in Appendix X. Each paragraph must describe an issue or subject.

thesis manual sps utm

Izatun ShariApril Raised superscript numerals in the text refer to explanatory notes and documented sources appearing either at the bottom of the page as footnotes or at the end of the thesis as endnotes in a notes section. Oversized thwsis in the form of plans, maps, charts, graphs, and others should be reduced to fit a single page unless the oversized materials are absolutely necessary for clarity and understanding.

The chapters are numbered using Thdsis numeric, i. For example, Table 4. Engineers Joint Council Proper conversion according to this guidelines must be verified by the student and witnessed by the supervisor before submitted to SPS.

Place published, Standard number. Tongued And Grooved Software Flooring. Similarly, the first page of all chapters should be counted but the spz should not be printed. All these pages must be saved into one 1 file only.

thesis manual sps utm

Long paragraphs should be avoided. Evolutionary Design and Manufacturing. IEE Part D, The text should contain: I am also very thankful to my co-supervisors Professor Dr.


Email required Address never made public. Orthogonal least square OLSa gradient descent um was used as the benchmark for the proposed algorithm. Specific titles can also be given. See examples in Appendices T and U. If a reader wishes to access nanual whole thesis, the reader should contact the librarian for the full text file. References, Citations, and Bibliography I. Doctor of Philosophy Thesis A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy specialisation 6.

American Chemical Society ed.

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A thesis should be temporarily bound for the purpose of examination. Log In Sign Up. Sindiket judi haram tumpas. The text must be printed on one side only. His thesis ssp approved in the year