I am planning on applying to the Sondheim Scholars program and it specifies that i must submit two letter of recommendation. I am applying using the online application. The major would be a B. Hi Jane, In the past we have been able to consider October test scores for Early Action applicants since those scores arrive to us fairly soon after the deadline. Essentially we like to see that students continue to take academic courses during their senior year math, English, social sciences, languages, sciences, etc and not just have a schedule full of electives. Hi Jessica- If you need to resend your transcripts or other required materials it will not lower your chances of admission, we will still give your application a full review. The people here are smart, but as the sports editor of the school newspaper, I see a lot of support for the athletics on campus and other things of that nature.

Do they notify people who applied but are no longer in the running for the program? Does UMBC usually have space for transfer applicants after the priority deadline and before the regular deadline? Hi Maggie- Visit information can be found here: Applications sent through the mail should be postmarked by at least Nov 1. I applied in March, but sent in my transcript April 2. And I want to be in honor college, so do I have to fill out the application by Dec 31 for the fall semester ? Also do you look at one section of the SAT more than others as an admissions factor?

Due to the large number of applications we received around our February 1st deadline, students who applied at that time will hear back from us closer to the week mark.

However, you should allow weeks for your application and your supporting application documents to be processed. With regards to your essay, you can exceed words but do your best to stay close to the limit.


Hi Diana, A student usually needs to score a four or a five on an AP exam in order to ezsay credit. Around what time will we receive notification about the Scholars Programs? We’re a very diverse group ranging from geeks to jocks to zombie vs human players to express-dressed smarties to straight up classy nerds.

Hi Maria- If you cannot provide proof of being part of honore Maryland Distinguished Scholars program you mail a check to the Admissions Office. The students who do live on campus usually are also from Maryland, DC, VA area, and they usually go honros on the weekends.

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However, if you have not taken a math course at the level or above at your previous institution you will be required to take a math placement exam at UMBC to determine the level of math class for which you can register.

However, when the Admissions Committee is reviewing applications we are looking at your academic honore more than anything. Any specific financial aid questions can also be emailed to finaid umbc.

Hi SM, A students is considered for admission for the term for which he or she applies. The details of applying as an international student are rather extensive and if you email our office we can connect you with one of our international counselors.

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Hi Manprett- The Early Action decision letters were recently sent out to students. Hi Alicia- Letters of recommendation are not required and therefore did not need to be postmarked by Nov 1.

umbc honors essay

Will they be used towards the Meyerhoff application? Hi, I was wondering when i will receive a decision letter. All decisions are sent through the mail. Are regular decision students still considered for merit scholarships? For additional information about the Honors College program please see the following link: There is quite a bit of information available through our website but a few links I would suggest are included below: Thanks for your time.


Hi Lacy, Your decision letter is your official notification. The transcript i send u ihad a 2. Should I be worried that i will be deferred because right now I have a 2. I was wondering when the term will be available so the application can be sent in thanks.

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I am taking the a second SAT in november and I was wondering if I could apply for early admission and send in my second SAT scores in mid-November or do I need to wait until I have my scores in order to apply?

Following that you would simply need to mail a copy of your letter. The Honors College application is due January Do you require the SAT subject tests? On the myUMBC portal, it has a to do list and under it are listed honors essay and questions.

This is assuming, of course, that we have received essat the required credentials for an application to be considered complete. Essah Jody, Yes, if your son submitted his undergraduate application but did not complete the Honors College application on the supplement he can still apply to the Honors College. If you want to take advantage of this option you would need to email admissions umbc.

Hello, I was wondering what GPA I should strive to keep in my last semester of high school as an incoming freshman.