BEST A blog for emerging biomedical scientists. He is copied on this email. Thus, unlike interdepartmental programs where students choose their subject up front, the goal of umbrella programs is to provide more choice and strong foundational training before specialization. Because committee members are scientists, they prefer higher objective metrics GPAs and GREs , but there is great latitude across those scores provided they are accompanied by letters of recommendation that tell us the applicant is a gifted experimental biologist with great hands and the ability to solve problems and get things done at the bench. While searching through my mail for a copy, I came across an email I had written in reply to the request below:.

Vanderbilt will contact your recommenders by e-mail and provide them with a link to a web site, a password, and instructions on how to submit the recommendation online. Copies are not allowed. A department code is not required, but is helpful. Where is the best place for them to get more information? For the IGP program, the most important part of the application is the previous research experience and success in this experience. And of course, you must look presentable. Support for graduate students in the lab and out of the lab.

What are some typical career paths for students following graduation? This information has encouraged me that our every application is valued and judged fairly. So you also need some financial planning!

vanderbilt igp personal statement

They really are an excellent support system also emotionally. Well, we are well into the application season and have started reviewing a large number of applications. Since its inception inthe IGP has provided comprehensive training for our students, bridging traditional biomedical fields.


Support for graduate students in the lab and out of the lab. This is for several reasons. We would love to meet you too! Vanderbilt has two unique strengths that truly set it apart from other biomedical graduate programs: I hope this insight will help you put together a strong application.

Welcome message from the Director James G. In general, we recommend that students get as much research experience as possible, preferably at a research-intensive institution, before applying to graduate school. They have their finger on the pulse of programs where you have a higher chance of getting in.

How the application review process works – Materials & Methods

I want to be a resource for students hoping to make the transition from undergraduate to graduate education so that the important decisions they make during this time are well-informed and sophisticated.

Working at a research-intensive institute is very different from the research done at a primarily undergraduate institute not only because of the environment, but also because of the resources available to students. One of the biggest goals is to expose burgeoning scientific leaders to the broad array of biomedical research disciplines.

Graduate school is not simply a continuation of undergraduate-style education. Accomplished researchers must possess more than an in-depth knowledge of one specific field — they need a broad understanding of principles and techniques from disciplines across the biomedical sciences.

Notify me of new posts via email. Scizzle Blog A blog for emerging biomedical scientists. They can determine whether you get a scholarship besides securing admission. More broadly, Vanderbilt is the best place for you to do your graduate training.


Please stop by so vanderbi,t can get to know you. Today a friend asked to see a copy of my statement of purpose for my graduate school application.

How the application review process works

Stay up to date! I am always thankful for an assistant during my application submission process. When making appointments for the interviews, they will consult you. What does the path to application look like for prospective students? BEST A blog for emerging biomedical scientists.

vanderbilt igp personal statement

At the same vandderbilt, we also have additional avenues for students from diverse educational backgrounds to enter our biomedical graduate programs. Despite of not really good GPAs and GREs, the dedication and passion for being a good researcher is measured and this is a positive aspect for a student like me.

He is copied on this email.

Program Spotlight: Vanderbilt’s Biomedical Graduate Program

I had 3 different interviews. Would you like to meet a representative of our Biomedical Graduate programs?

vanderbilt igp personal statement

It however does not hurt to do some background research on the people interviewing you especially their research interests so you can better impress.