Furthermore, throughout the comparative analysis, a parallel is drawn between the respective modern rewritings and the original Shakespearean plays, establishing the similarities and differences concerning the alterations the authors made to the original, touching upon the reason they utilized these dramas, and the way how they subverted them, alongside the function of the deviation from the original. Here, the time is out of joint as in Hamlet, the joints being beliefs, principles, or hope. Esslin also mentions the Cubist movement as an Avantgarde movement as it can also be indebted to the evolvement of the Theatre of the Absurd sharing certain tendencies with it. Therefore nothing can provide them with a reference point, either physically or metaphorically speaking. It may be considered as a means for expressing the world view and the psycholocial and social climate of the time, which is equally applicable to the 21st century society with the technological advancements bringing about crucial changes in the way of tele communication, which has been made shallow and redundant owning to the scientific breakthouhgs and technological advances. However, one can never be too sure since solid evidence for its validity is lacking. This is the reason why true allegory is impossible, since the human condition is unfathomable and inexplicable.

Implications section is an important subsection at the end of the thesis or dissertations. This is the place each and every human being is heading to, seeking arrival, enlightenment or nirvana, the name may vary. However, the actor stands up as nothing happened, which in turn is an indicator that one can fool death too, against all the odds, and what you see is not what you get in life. What are the tell-tale signs that show us the direction our lives should take? The British Edward Bond may also be listed among the contemporary advocators of the Absurd, while John Osborn also bears certain strains of the Absurd, along with the American Jay Scheib Examples of recent dissertations.

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The dialogues are permeated with witticisms and parables, overflowing with puns, so the characters can merely be treated as embodiments of ideas, their feelings being subsidiary, thus their inner realities are difficult to fathom. Through the prism rheatre these aspects, the main purpose ioneco the paper is to compare the plays in question, reflecting upon the presence or absence of the aforementioned features, their way of application treatmentand characteristics in each rewritings.


So, is it better to be ruled than to rule after all?

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The player marks and defines them by their names, asrcibing great significance to names. His eminence is evident from the fact that Esslin dedicates a whole chapter to him, accompanying the other greatest advocators of the Absurd. It is a savage farce in which monstrous puppets castigate the greed and emptiness of bourgeois society through a series of grotesque stage images intro.

dissertation ionesco theatre match

This additionally enhances the comical effect of the play, balancing the grim background of an ongoing war. Their only motivation that makes them keep going is due to the fact of having been sent for, or the hope of somebody’s arrival: As Kern states, parallelism and circularity create dynamic pattern of war and violence that is vemfrendet, made strange by means of the comic mechanism of zanni-doubleness and repetition Kern What does the action of the play represent?

GUIL What are the rules?

Kandinsky’s reaction against Wagner’s Gesamtkuntswerkas well as his move towards abstraction, is echoed directly in Kagel’s work. One of the disserttation symbols is travelling that is being embodied in the boat metaphor- boat as life, travelling comes to stand for living.

You might well ask. Here, verbal humour derives from misunderstanding and play on words.

In fact, everything moves in cycles: The topics he advocates are over-arching and ever valid, in the same way as the plays of the authors he rewrites. According to Robinson, the structure of the play and other Stoppard plays in general indirectly contributes to the expression of a sense of disorder, by a lack of development and coherence in his plots, which are constructed episodically of a chain of arguments and counterarguments The rule of this world or plot they are unaware of is: One of these lists is about the possible ways of dying on stage: The ups and downs of human life is supposed to be the normal state of affairs, since without sorrow one would not be able to experience true joy either.


This dialogue is full of puns, witticisms, and questions of high prominence, lead in non sequiturs. The two pals cannot even recall when they started doing this activity, and their memory will prove to be fallible in many ways later on.

Then the setting becomes more specific of a castle, but shortly after that the stage is empty again. Also, the concept of incongruity forms and describes the convention of the Absurd, not matching what happens on stage with what is being said.

The New Music-Theatre of Mauricio Kagel (Contemporary Music Research Project by Zachàr Laskewicz)

Additionally, it may be a requisite for playing games, i. It seems to be a cleansing ritual paradoxically before more blood is shed.

dissertation ionesco theatre match

Afterwards, gloomy and dismal atmosphere prevails, night falls, the scene is rendered more or less sinister and dimly lit, anticipating the presence of the witches and the murder of Duncan.

In Stoppard’s the play, the Players-actors demonstrate this in the best way by shiting their identities, since they are incessantly in a flux of roles, taking on and off masks and personalities they are requried to act out, therefore they are at the mercy of their spectators, just like Ros and Guil are.

Ionesco here employs the traditional theatrical sound effects as connecters between the scenes, a common practice in classic plays as well, it can also be found in Shakespeare too; e. Noises are existentially more powerful than the human voice.

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ROS What does it matter why? From here it is a short jump to obscurity, illogicality and abruptness, therefore surprise, shock, and ‘chance’. They exist in two time-space continuum: It remains an unanswerable question that who we are at home, if home exists at all.