Tihar and Holidays — Although Tihar is of five days festival, only 3 days are the official holidays except for schools and colleges. In this case, small stick is dipped into the tika base, then brushed vertically on the forehead, then using a different stick, the seven colors are applied on top of the base. It is a five-day festival celebrated in late autumn. Tihar and Dogs 2nd Tihar Day — On the second day of Tihar, Kukur Dogs are adorned with flower garland around their necks, red tika on their forehead, and are offered great meals, they are the king of the day! Sisters make a special garland for their brothers from a flower that wilts only after a couple of months, symbolizing the sister’s prayer for her brother’s long life. Tihar is a festival of sisters wishing a long life to their brothers, and Tihar is the most popular festival in Nepal.

People usually wear dogs with Tihar Tika and calendula garlands, and then treat them with a fancy dinner. So Tihar is also about appreciating animals around us. If you liked this post or if this information helped you in any way, dont forget to leave a rating. Nepalese put on their new clothes and make determination to start a new life. Dashain and Tihar are two biggest Nepali Festivals that are celebrated one after another in country.

Tihar is a festival of sisters wishing a long life to their brothers, and Tihar is the most popular festival in Nepal. The coming of a new year is also celebrated in Tihar. Deusuray Rato Batoo Deusuray.


essay on tihar in nepali language

On Govardhan puja Goru Tihar, three different Kinds of puja are performed. The dos is considered one of the most faithful domestic animal.

Tihar Festival

And it’s just similar to Christmas and New Year Festival in other parts of the world. Deusuray Laddai Tijar Deusuray. In addition to the traditional belief, scientifically, crow is helpful to the farmers as it eats damaging bugs and saves the crops. The second day is called Dog Tihar. Those without a sister or brother, join relatives or friends for tika.

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The safe and wealth are worshipped, foods are offered to the Goddess and people play cards on the day. Tihar is a festival for brothers and sisters, but What if you are a brother without a sister or a sister without a brother.

essay on tihar in nepali language

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The festival is an indication of how the people in Nepal give importance to other living things. Visiting Asan Toll, a central open market in Kathmandu is worth-it during this time!

essay on tihar in nepali language

Generally male dogs are worshiped. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Essay about dashain and tihar in nepali language

When the night falls, the whole Kathmandu valley turns to be a sea of lights. Seeing her brother, Yama Raj, sister Yamuna became so happy, she did not know how to welcome the brother who has visited after such a long time. It is popularly known as Swanti among nepalj Newars and as Deepawali among Madhesis.


Retrieved 23 September For an audio sample, visit web links at the end of this page! The first day of Tihar is to worship crows, “the messenger of death”.

On this day, people pray to the Kukur to guard their homes.

There is a popular Nepali superstition of crows too: Read more about Nepal W It is observed as Goru Tihar or Goru Puja worship of the oxen. These footsteps are believed to be the footsteps of goddess Lakshmi. It falls in September to Octorber and lasts for The order of the colors in the tika pattern or even the choice of colors will vary due to family traditions.

The second day of tihar is dedicated to the most loyal friend of mankind. Retrieved 16 October How to cite this page Choose cite format: This is the only time in a year the temple is open to general public.

In the left hand with egg and fish and in the right hand Rakshi homemade alcohol. It’s celebrated for five days and bestowed with traditional cultural characteristics of Nepal.