People bring an idol of Ganesha to home very happily and perform puja for ten days with full devotion and faith. It is celebrated as Ganesha’s birthday for respect and welcome. Before one of the Ganesha Chaturthi, people decorate their home to bring the Ganpati Bappa. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration at Home. Today, we will tell you about the importance of Ganesh Chaturthi festival in this post about mythology and festivities.

You can use these html tags: Even in temples, before worshipping any other God or Goddess, Ganesh is worshipped. They prevented Shivaji from going in. Leave a comment Click here to cancel reply. This is a very important festival of Hindus, which is celebrated by devotees every year with great preparation and enthusiasm. Ganpati Upanishad says that even before the creation of consciousness purusha and the creation of nature prakriti , Lord Ganpati appeared.

The mythological story as per the Ganesha Purana speaks about Krauncha, who was the musician-God.

It is celebrated in various states of the country however in Maharashtra, it is celebrated especially. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year in August efstival September, it is celebrated as Lord Ganesha’s birthday which is Lord Parvati and Lord Shiva’s son.

He is worshipped by the people always before starting any new work in any field.

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Whether it is a festival or a school-college, it is celebrated everywhere. It is believed that, for the first time, fasting moon of Ganesh was kept because Ganesh cursed him for his misbehavior.

essay on vinayaka chavithi festival

People believe that Ganesha comes every year with great happiness and prosperity and when everything goes away, all sorrow goes away. During the worship of 10 days, there is a tradition of bringing kafoor, red sandal, red flowers, coconut, jaggery, sweet and dry grass. It is believed that one who worships Him with complete devotion and faith would be blessed with happiness, knowledge, wealth and long life.


On this day all devotees decorate the idol of Esay in their homes, offices or educational institutions. It usually celebrated in the month of August or September. People pay offerings there too. People worship the God of knowledge and prosperity on Ganesha Chaturthi with full devotion and faith. When Lord Shiva replaced the head of Ganesha with elephant head, he bestowed Ganesha with several divine powers and announced that no o work can start or be complete without worshipping Lord Ganesha and taking his blessings.

People believe immersing the idol symbolizes the journey of Lord Ganesha to the heavenly abode.

According to Hindu belief, Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated every year on the birthday of Lord Ganesha. Everywhere shops are decorated with the attractive idols of Ganesha and electric lightings in order to increase sales of festlval idol to public. Esay words are your own, so be nice and helpful if you can. It is celebrated as Ganesha’s birthday for respect and welcome. Mata Parvati created a son from her body of water whose name was Ganesh It is a matter of time that Mata Parvati went to the bath.

Essay 5 on Ganesh Chaturthi words Ganesh Chaturthi is the most famous festival in India, it is celebrated every year by the people of Hinduism with great enthusiasm. Maharishi Markandeshwar University Apply Now. Importance of Ganesh Chaturthi. During this festive season, market become in a full swing.

Lord Ganesha is known vhavithi various names some of are like Ekadanta, God of limitless powers, Heramba obstacles removerLambodara, Vinayaka, God of Gods, God of wisdom, God of wealth and prosperity and many more. There is the great story behind the celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi. Lord Ganesha is a most popular God of the Hindu religion who blesses devotees with chavitho and prosperity.


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This is celebrated as the birth anniversary of the Ganesha to welcome and honour Him. Please Say Something or Ask Any question about this topic!

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Lord Ganesha is recognized by his big elephant head, distinct belly, and its mount, a small mouse. Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration at Public.

He bless us with much peace and prosperity. They pray to God that they should come again next year and give them blessings. As per the Ganesh Purana, the incarnations of Ganesha as Mohotkata involve a lion as his vehicle, as Dhumraketu, he has a horse, the mouse is the vehicle of Gajanana and Mayuresvara rides on a peacock.

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On Ganesh Chaturthi, people bath in the morning, wear clean clothes and worship God, they sing chanting, doing aarti, displaying other rituals of Hinduism, singing devotional songs and singing songs of God For a lot of prayers and prayers, before this, it was celebrated only in some families.

At that time, worship of Ganesha was practiced festlval protect Indians from British rule. The long ears of Ganesha signify that he hears whatever his devotees ginayaka to him.