It can be measured in economic, defense and political strength of a country. Another part of this is health of state. Accountability, on the other hand has more pluses than minuses. Status of Women in West 4. It should also be always kept in mind that ….

Law and ordered situation is deteriorating and people are being robbed and killed in bright day light. Non-availability of check and balance can plunge the world into the darkness of authoritarian rule again. In most cases, accountability is used for political victimization and remains individual specific. Good governance, in general, refers to the measures of a government which bring welfare to the public lives and state as a whole. Debt trap breaks 5.

Monday, October 01, Role of civil society 8. Government Employees Network of Pakistan. Strengthening of security institutions d.

Crisis of good governance

Ghulam Muhammad former Governor General of Pakistan sacked the Constituent Assembly on the ground of its failure to draft a constitution, which was incorrect. Fifthly, lack of accountability further volatiles the crisis of good governance. Both political leaders and beaurocracy go hand in hand for bringing about cult of good governance through effective implementation of public policies. Docile and politicized institutions cannot control, let alone to eradicate, corruption.

Every other day a substantial number of innocent citizens, who are just silent spectators, are targeted by the law enforcement agencies. The transparent and independent accountability system can help democracies to flourish. Rule of law must be ensured at all costs. Among other characteristics of state besides territory and population is government.


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Thursday, March 28, Three per cent for population control 7. Pakistan presenting a picture of extreme bad governance on all national fronts Causes Political causes 1.

Your email address will not be published. This along with strengthening the democratic practices will also help in minimizing the causes of the crisis. No rule of law 5. Even if the state officials are corrupt, the bad governance can be averted by holding them accountable. Syed Hammad Ahmad March 05, All are under severe political pressure.

These accountability institutions are handicap and are under the auspices of one or other political party.

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Thus, lack of trust, evils of nepotism and favouritism, disregard for merit and crisis of unemployment generate chaos and anarchy which further gives rise to suicides, targeted killings, religious or ethnic hatred, enmity and crimes, hence, become the order of the day.

Every government looks down upon the policies of the previous government, throws those away and establishes new ones. A brief history of country since reveals how different modes of governance have been brought into experiment under various civil and military regimes in Pakistan.


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Government needs to focus seriously on this issue to accomplish satisfactory results. Even today, when the neighboring country like China has evolved from its roots into a well governed state, Pakistan still lags behind in devising a clear mechanism of governance reforms and institution building.

It delivers the fruit of progress and development evenly to all and sundry.

good governance essay jwt

Bureaucratic hold on all institutions 2. Do join in and spread the word. In this regard, we can learn from the example of China where high officials, who are found guilty of corruption, are handed down exemplary punishments. Corruption is another crucial factor that can prove to be a serious impediment in the way of good governance. Crisis of Good Governance in Pakistan: None of them is granted full independence, to bring the criminals to justice and inquire the cases of big guns.

Many countries that seemed to be transitioning to democracy, like Egypt, Turkey, Thailand and the Democratic Republic of Congo, are backsliding; among the encouraging exceptions are Myanmar, Nigeria and Tunisia.