For periods elsewhere and other punctuation marks comma, colon, etc. A general note which qualifies, explains or provides information relating to the table as a whole and ends with an explanation of abbreviations, symbols and the like, designated by the word Note. The regulations contained within have been updated. Candidates should follow this More information. For all other purposes, colour may be used only with the written approval of the Kulliyyah.

The name of each committee member should be typed under the appropriate signature. Please note that the manual is not a thesis and hence does not always follow the convention of thesis writing as proposed in these pages. The abstract should be between and words. The chapter and order in which the tables are mentioned in the text determine the numbering. Chapter Heading and Subheadings.

The chapter and order in which the tables are mentioned in the text determine the numbering. As of March 24, Th. Basic Formatting of a Microsoft Word.

iium thesis manual 2011

When the oversize page is properly folded, the page thesos will appear in the position where it appears on the standard-size page. Large Oversize Material Oversize material larger than Before printing, go to File and click on Print. For instance, if Chapter 5 has four tables, the tables should be labelled as Table 5.


Manuscript Submission 2 II.


Reference Style 5 I. Place the table iiuj above the table, and centre both; place the title below the table number, centred and single-spaced, spanning the width of the table. All information printed on the cover must be centred.

Use of correction pen or tape is not allowed.

From Proposal to Defense. The abstract should include the following: Give the other elements in manul following order: Width If a table is too wide for the page, it should be turned length-wise i.

The supervisor may be consulted on this. Thesis and Dissertation Formatting. Although you eventually More information. This page is counted and must be numbered.

Use lowercase roman numerals for all of the preliminary pages: The editing process involves looking at the work in three distinct ways: Preparation of the Thesis 1. Use the tab key for consistency. The page number must be centred to the text, not the page, and must be placed at the bottom of the page. Rules for Transliterating Phrases Section E: Zaleha Kamaruddin and Assoc.


iium thesis manual 2011

Abdul Majid Zainuddin Ir. This page is counted and must be numbered as usual. The deadlines for scheduling the final oral examination, payment of fees and submission More information. Submission Guidelines for BfN Publications Instructions on creating accessible documents revision date: Click on Margins and enter the parameters as suggested in the above section Top, Bottom, Left, Right margins.


Rafidah, and other staff members of the CPS. The page number appears in its usual place, at the bottom of the page, not the table.

Font Size Ideally the point font size is to be used. Objective This tutorial is designed for users iiu, are new. The manual contains six parts.