Hi Fabio, Thank you for your kind words! This is a brief discussion of your willing research proposal i. MEXT research scholarship advice, part 1: Thank you for sharing this with us. Good Luck with your application, — Travis from TranSenz. Am writing my first proposal and your introduction has been of great help. Your posts have helped me A LOT with the structure of my research plan.

It is an iterative process. Notify me of new comments via email. So, start really early, like a year before the year you want to apply. Your Research Program Plan is a strategy, not a concrete plan. I have an MBA degree, and would like to pursue graduate studies in sports in japan. Can u advice me what should I do. But once you get to Japan it will make your life a LOT easier if you can speak the language, so I encourage you to keep studying!

It’s not structured as clearly, doesn’t say HOW the study is going to be carried out, and sam;le specify why the study has to be done in Japan perhaps not as necessary for uni recommendation? Email required Address never made public.

mext scholarship research proposal sample

Because they are so similar I treated them a one question, but put emphasis on details in the second one. We are glad to know that the site is useful for you.

Does my research need to be related to my major I intend to study rresearch japan ma in business administration? What problems will it help solve? This is ad Minh Truong from Mextipedia. For each step, you want to go into detail. Priposal is it significant within the subject areas covered in your class? Ask your current professors about the soundness of your project. Would it be alright to include a lengthy and detailed research plan and then a condensed version of pages in the application?


mext scholarship research proposal sample

Is it too late to contact them now? Ads help cover site maintenance costs.

MEXT Scholarship Field of Study and Research Program Plan Elements

I just submitted my application last week I am waiting for any news, for scgolarship the date to go for the exams and interview. This site uses cookies.

I have not yet created a sample Field of Study and Research Program Plan or a downloadable version of this elements guide. Good Luck with your application, — Travis from TranSenz. One more little question: I finally finished the application and the research proposal. Thank you for your time and appreciate all your efforts in helping aspiring mext scholars!

MEXT Graduate Scholarship: Research Project (3/3) – Louis Lecailliez

I will be applying for a masters course in Japan for intake…. Are we allowed to change the format of the application forms font size, font.

This means either an official translation from the university OR a translation with an attestation from a translator – this means a piece of paper signed by the translator saying in English or Japanese something like “I am conversant in the English and Arabic languages and I attest that to the best of my knowledge this is a true and accurate translation”.

Did you pursue a degree there? Besides of that there are a lot of techniques that you can use while writing your research proposal — such as grant application. In addition, it demonstrates 1 you did your homework of finding professors in Japan and 2 your project is related to Japan. This is the sell dream section.


So i couldnt understand what kind of documensts they are expecting from me? I hope they help. Feel free to change it to a reasonable Times New Roman 12 pt. My question is regarding the Research Timeline, can I include that during my research student period i will be preparing for the entrance examinations or there is no need to mention this information?

I was a bit worried about this but it ended up not being a problem at all. I think I have a good grasp on this part of my application now. The former depends to some extent on the university.

MEXT research scholarship advice, part 2: The application itself | ジョジーナ

I am not sure whether 3 acholarship in total are acceptable? One you wrote a proposal that way reviewed by multiple people, you can wrote the document 5 of the application. Since MEXT requires that you study a topic that you majored in in the past, this is your opportunity to show the connection.


Hey Travis, can I embolden or italicize a few words to highlight them in the research plans? So try not to be too self-centered in your proposal; put the accent on your project instead. I will try to show what Japan looks like through the eyes of a foreign resident. Similar, dress as you would for a smart office job, in conservative colours. I was a bit worried about this but it ended up not being a problem at all. Hi Travis, thank you for this valuable guide. My research topic is related to Marketing and I am still get accept from MBA graduate schools in 3 universities.

Hi Najmus Saqib, You need to find a research question that you want to pursue and then format your proposal as I outlined in this article. However IMO it is always better to get an enthusiastic recommendation from a research assistant than a lukewarm recommendation from a bigwig professor, however many awards he has. I have spent the past few months struggling to get a supervisor for my doctoral study in Japan. Thanks for your insight! So I thought about why I wanted to do that project, extracted the motivation behind it and wrote a brand new proposal from scratch. If you can help me on this subject I appreciate it.

Research Proposal – Lars Martinson: Cartoonist

If however MEXT receive and reject your application you cannot apply to the embassy that year. Did you ever catch any flak for putting your proposal online? This is where you establish szmple your research is viable, especially given the time restraints of your degree. It is important to include the intended outcome of your research. Research Background Recommended Length: Thanks for your useful information 1 For copies, Do we have to make colored copies or white and black?


Great job you did here. Your Research Program Plan is a strategy, not a concrete plan. You can swmple the answers: If they add to the document and are necessary to answer the questions below, go ahead and include them.

Wear a suit in conservative colours, metx jacket and tie.

A certain amount of tentativeness is permissible Submit a proposal for a study or dissertation that has already been conducted. If you have any query please feel free to comment here, any of our admin will try to help you.

Thank you very scholzrship for your kind words! I was there on a non-degree research scholarship, studying East Asian calligraphy.

This is also a good place to mention specific coursework you want to take and whyespecially if you have your goal narrowed down to a single university or there are similar courses at each of your target universities. Met sure that you describe your interest in terms of what it will contribute to the field.

I have contacted a professor who gave me a topic to work on in the laboratory with the rest of the group. However I did see someone online from US I think? It might seem over-the-top, but anyone job- or scholarship-hunting in Japan would make the same effort.

Did you do your undergrad in animation? Usually, there are some administrative factors in that decision — for example, some programs only accept new students in one semester or the other, or others require you to start as a research student so that you can be physically present for the entrance exam — but it is very rare that I have heard of a university asking an applicant who wanted to start as a research student to go straight to the degree program, instead.


Can u advice me what should I do. Hi Travis, This post is great! Potential applicants take heed! Thanks Travis for your wonderful job.

MEXT Scholarship Field of Study and Research Program Plan Elements

Applicability or transfer mechanisms of the knowledge acquired in Japan. G 3 June at Speaking as a scientist, no one can expect you to come up with a full research plan all by yourself. However, if you are applying through a “special” university-recommended program like the International Graduate Schoarship, rules may be different.

mext scholarship research proposal sample

The only concern I have is, how should I contact the professors? Because they are so similar I treated them a one question, but put emphasis on details in the second one.

It found this proposal on the web and anonymized it. Do I cover the entire 2 years propozal when 6 months will be mostly of language study or do I just cover the remaining time? Another question that does not relate to the research plan:

mext scholarship research proposal sample