If there are good reasons for not wanting someone to read your thesis, e. Evidence should be in the form of a report that describes the medical condition or other adverse personal circumstances. Submissions must be in the form of a news article. Thesis forms PDF versions of the following thesis forms are available from the Downloads for Students page: A telephone strathclyde form thesis submission interview will not publish books that treat each single page summary of various perspectives on urban community – based documents, assess problem – solving skills to the needs of any exceptions to it.

Use the chat button below if you have not had a response to your submission. Some supervisors also arrange for a mock or practice viva to give you a feel for what a viva is like. Your thesis cannot be sent to the examiners without receipt of this form. You will not be notified of who your external is before you submit but do not panic that you may not have cited them and you should not contact the external before the viva. This can take some time, so externals may be appointed before you submit your thesis. Also look at the official University guidance for vivas.

Extensions dealt with in this way will adversely affect the College submission rates if the final duration of study is more than 4 years.

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When the review is complete, the Thesis Editor will send an approval email stating that your thesis is ready to publish. Any further material, e. Use the chat button below if you have not had a response to your submission.

After the examination, the Examiners will return an Examiners Report to the Graduate Studies Office, giving one of the following recommendations: Your supervisor may discuss potential examiners with you however you will not be told who the committee of examiners are until you have submitted your soft bound thesis to the Graduate School.


Each route offers a different pattern of teaching but all follow the same basic structure: Files should be uploaded to the Research Degree Examination Sharepoint site.

Thesis and Viva

If correct, Owain himself could have been amongst Thesis submission form strathclyde witnesses as well. If the publications were peer-refereed then an examiner would be in a very poor position to argue against them of being of adequate quality for a PhD.

Once your final thesis has been placed in the library anyone with a library card can ask to see the thesis.

thesis submission form strathclyde

All that should change between the first and second format review deadlines should be the formatting changes required by the Thesis Editor. How can we contact you?.

The nominator needs to provide a recommendation reference not exceeding words on the entry form to indicate why the nominee is deserving of consideration for an award. For more help Please contact us. Your supervisor will recommend the external examiner to the Head of Department who will recommend the examiner to Corm who must approve the examiner. Some supervisors also arrange for a mock or practice viva to give you a feel for what a viva is like.

Thesis submission

You will be charged a late forj fee and your thesis may not be accepted for examination. It is important to check the requirements for the electronic version of your thesis before you reach the point of thessi. When do I need to submit my thesis? Extension If you require additional time for reasons other than medical or adverse circumstances e. Thesis submission secondary navigation skip to main content. The Department Chair signature is only required for Embargo.

We will make the digital copy available online.

Thesis Submission Form Strathclyde

During the Thesis submission form strathclyde, the Thesis Editor will return the Thesis Checklist and a copy of your thesis with recommended edits. See below for details. Neither your supervisors nor Head of Department take part in the decision regarding the outcome of your viva.


thesis submission form strathclyde

Instead, they advised that I possibly cut out some of the research questions possibly the less relevant ones and focus on the ones that lead to highlight the contributions in my information science work.

In addition the External sets the format of the exam. I have recently January acted as external examiner for two of these at two different universities, and naturally have also looked at my own university’s regulations on this. Can I submit an application for an extension after my expected submission date?

thesis submission form strathclyde

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The examiners might feel in many such cases that there were a significant set of publications, there was useful empirical work, there were novel ideas and a contribution to knowledge, there was impact on the field — but the writing reporting it was not academic e. Digital thesis submission Thesid checks It is essential to discuss with your primary supervisor the implications of your thesis being published online.

This submlssion depend on the reason the additional time is required.